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Canon EOS R “Pro” Rumored To Be Announced In Q4 2019

By Jay Henington on March 13th 2019

According to Canon Rumors Canon is expected to announce the “professional” version of their new mirrorless R line of full frame cameras in Q4 2019. The pro version of the EOS R is widely expected to be a resolution monster, with a roughly 70MP sensor. Canon is also expected to include many of the features that users have lamented not having in the EOS R such as IBIS, a joystick, and dual card slots.

My Take

The EOS R was a foot in the door for Canon as it made the necessary transition into the mirrorless world. But it isn’t yet the “revolution” that the name suggests. As an early adopter of the EOS R, I’ve loved using the camera. As I said in my 5D Mk IV v. EOS R comparison the EOS R is basically a cheaper and smaller 5D Mk IV with a flip screen. However, the absence of dual card slots, IBIS, full weather sealing, and a joystick have handicapped the otherwise fantastic camera.

This time around, Canon appears to be poised to not only release an EOS R with the features they should have included the first time around, but it looks like they may also be prepared to release a truly revolutionary sensor. Or so us Canon users are left to hope. We’ve been left at the ball with no one to dance with before. Here’s hoping that Canon finally gives us something that we can use to taunt Sony and Nikon users with.

What features would you like to see in the “pro” version of the EOS R? 

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Q&A Discussions

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  1. Lance Ngata

    If the Canon EOS R goes Pro with 120fps@1080, 60fps@4k (4kFullFrameVideo) and IBIS then I’m migrating to mirrorless for sure

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  2. Ivy Quintin

    If the R Pro lives up to the hype, great video (at least 120@1080) and still capabilities with ibis, “flippy” screen, dual card slots and dual pixel auto focus, then I’m getting it. I keep cameras for the long haul. I need a tool that will do the job for years to come like my 5d mk 3.. Come on Canon! I’m rooting for you!

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  3. Adrian Van Leeuwen

    The Canon R is all I really would want at 30 MP but with dual slots (maybe a Cfast card slot) and full frame capture video in 4K. So the Canon R Pro would do well to have these features. Alright, 70mp or 60 mp is fine, as long there is also an option to have 30 to 36mp capture on the dial instead or even 24mp at full frame capture when I don’t need huge files for some clients. Would only need the ultra high res. for large posters or landscape images which I do not do much, but also good for some large tradeshow murals I guess for a working professional. As long as these options are there, this would work. However if they include the most megapixels at the sacrifice of low light ability and dynamic range then not so good. If you can still keep those, we are good.  Cheers. Adrian in Toronto.

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  4. Kyle Stauffer

    I’m not a Canon shooter, but as a Nikon user, i’m in the same boat. Well, I guess we’re further behind because Nikon still needs better sensor AF.

    The frustration is how easily these company’s could hit a nail square on the market head, and instead they turn the hammer around. It’s simple really – A 5dIv version of the eosr that has all the usual features like dual slots, weather sealing, and a 20-30mp low light sensor that doesn’t unnecessarily take up drive space or slow down editing workflow. Keep the flip screen and add IBIS and vuola.. The Canon community would rejoice and feel like they did when the 5dIII came out all over again. 

    If Canon and Nikon came out with a mirrorless camera body like the Panasonic Lumix S1, they wouldn’t be able to keep them on the shelves!

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    • Matthew Saville

      Then again, Nikon has put IBIS in “all” its FX MILC bodies so far, and a more reliable (still single) memory card.

      I think the issue is this: The can’t deliver a “flagship” without enough testing. And they just can’t do enough testing without actually getting cameras into the market.

      Sony got six A7-series cameras to market before they “figured out” how to make the A9 a decent flagship camera, and it still could use some subtle tweaks before its ergonomics and overall UX match that of a 1DX2 or D5 etc.

      I think this is a perfectly normal timeframe and business tactic, to drop 1-2 consumer/prosumer bodies into the market, get a feel for how people respond to them, and then achieve perfection (hopefully) in the flagship version.

      Even if Nikon/Canon do the “flagship” MILC in their 3rd or 4th bodies, respectively, they’ll still be achieving this goal in less than half the time it took Sony to do so, and they’re already showing their wisdom/advantages in ergonomic design with their very first offerings. I’d rather hold a Canon EOS R or RP for 10-12+ hours than a Sony, with my large-ish hands.

      Having said all that, Canon and Nikon still have a clock ticking over their heads, WRT very important things like autofocus, overall still/video quality and features, and of course, the lens lineup. Both brands need to get a move on if they’re going to catch up to Sony in those regards. With Sony’s new AF update coming to the A9 and then the A7R3, it’s going to be another leap ahead most likely, and they’re already astonishingly good.

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    • Ivy Quintin

      I agree. 

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  5. Nick Dantonio

    I’m glad Canon is finally offering a “pro” version with many of the features we’ve been waiting for. What I can’t understand is, why 70MP? Is there anyone, in any field, that’s excited about that feature? I could see some commercial and landscape photographers liking it but I feel like it’s beyond overkill for most photographers. Why does Canon believe this is necessary? What am I missing?

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    • Matthew Saville

      Because yeah, they need to chase the landscape/studio crowd, and maintain the market position as the resolution champion that the 5DsR established.

      It may be “just” 60 MP, who knows. These are just rumors.

      But the bottom line is that it’s necessary for certain pros, and Canon as the market leader, they have to satisfy those pros.

      Here’s what you might be forgetting, though:

      The performance/quality of mRAW is really advancing quite nicely. So, having a ~70 megapixel sensor may mean that you also get an incredible pixel-binned ~18 megapixel raw image, that blows all current 20-24 megapixel raw images out of the water. Plus also the option for a ~35 megapixel file that does quite nicely too. We’ll have to wait and see what technology Canon has been R&D-ing for such a high-megapixel sensor.

      I just hope they can make another leap forward in catching up to the on-sensor ADC noise floor (shadow recovery) that Sony and Nikon have been getting out of their sensors.

      I’d also love to see Canon one-up everybody by dropping the base ISO to 50, that’d be crazy!

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    • Ivy Quintin

      It may be over kill but it could allow for some for detail even during tight crops which is a good thing as far as I’m concerned.

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