According to Canon Rumors Canon is expected to announce the “professional” version of their new mirrorless R line of full frame cameras in Q4 2019. The pro version of the EOS R is widely expected to be a resolution monster, with a roughly 70MP sensor. Canon is also expected to include many of the features that users have lamented not having in the EOS R such as IBIS, a joystick, and dual card slots.

My Take

The EOS R was a foot in the door for Canon as it made the necessary transition into the mirrorless world. But it isn’t yet the “revolution” that the name suggests. As an early adopter of the EOS R, I’ve loved using the camera. As I said in my 5D Mk IV v. EOS R comparison the EOS R is basically a cheaper and smaller 5D Mk IV with a flip screen. However, the absence of dual card slots, IBIS, full weather sealing, and a joystick have handicapped the otherwise fantastic camera.

This time around, Canon appears to be poised to not only release an EOS R with the features they should have included the first time around, but it looks like they may also be prepared to release a truly revolutionary sensor. Or so us Canon users are left to hope. We’ve been left at the ball with no one to dance with before. Here’s hoping that Canon finally gives us something that we can use to taunt Sony and Nikon users with.

What features would you like to see in the “pro” version of the EOS R?