Some new interesting photos have surfaced recently on Syl Arena’s blog regarding the Canon EOS-M mirror-less camera due out at the end of this month. The EOS-M features a touch screen LCD, much like the T4i that came out earlier this year. Syl has posted up some photos showing us what the interface will look like when adjusting Speedlite settings.

Photo courtesy of Syl Arena

You can control the flash output down to a 1/3 stop just like on the flashes themselves! Some of the more complex features found on a Speedlite such as setting and managing groups will be available to us as well. More specifically, you can setup your 5 groups (A, B, C, D and E) and then set them to either Manual, ETTL or External Auto.

At the moment it would appear that you can control the ST-E3-RT Transmitter and the new 90EX Speedlite from the screen, but I wonder if you can do so with the 600EX-RT as well as it is a 2012 release as well. We’ll have to wait and see if this is possible or not, although the camera is rather small compared to the 600EX-RT so it may not necessarily be a practical thing to do.

With a APS-C sensor, DIGIC 5 processor and the ability to use my existing lenses (with the use of an adapter), I will be definitely keeping my eye on this camera in the coming weeks!

What are your thoughts on Canon’s entry into the mirror-less market?