We made it through CES without any major DSLR announcements from Canon. Which, if you ask me, is not entirely surprising. They did announce a few point and shoots and other consumer tech, but on the DSLR side of things, crickets…


Given that Nikon dropped the D4s bomb, many have speculated that Canon would be doing something similar soon. That is not the case, at least not according to the latest reports from the Canon rumor mill. According to these reports the next Canon DSLR announcement will actually be a new entry level DSLR, something below the EOS 100D (SL1).

No details about the camera have been leaked as of yet, so there is not much to say other than the expected announcement. The rumors say that they suspect that the camera will be announced in Tokyo during CP+ this February. They also said to expect two Canon DSLR announcements this year beyond this entry level model, one is expected to be the 7D replacement (even if it’s not a 7D Mark II) and the other is likely a new EOS-1 D for the World Cup.

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Canon 50mm f/1.4Beyond camera land, it was also mentioned to expect “a lot” of Canon lenses to be announced this year. Maybe Canon will actually start updating many of their older lenses, many of which have designs that are 20 years old. Currently, the only Canon lens rumors I am aware of are, the 50mm update and a possible 400mm F/5.6 update. So beyond that, your guess is as good as mine.

Finally, regarding Canon, make sure to check out our Canon Lens Wars series. We just released the 50mm results and will be bringing out the 70mm results soon. If you are curious how each Canon lens stacks up to the others at the same focal lengths, then this series was made just for you.


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