Canon made news this weekend around the photography news circuit, as they posted a countdown teaser website. Word spread and speculation arose – this was the moment we had all been waiting for – Canon would finally step up and announce something exciting. This morning that time expired and what was revealed left us all scratching our heads in disappointment.

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 4.40.55 PM

Millions were disappointed to see that timer count down to zero, only to see the site unlock some sort of pathetic self promotion website. No new products, no new direction, nothing but a bunch of marketing fluff. A complete and utter disappointment from start to finish.

[REWIND: Canon Teases Us With Cryptic Ad and Countdown Clock]

There was always the chance that this announcement would not be photography related, we knew that. But we all thought something would be announced. Why on earth was a huge ad and a countdown timer needed for a marketing site like that? Yet again, Canon sets expectations high and delivers a mere percentage of that expectation.


If any of you had any hope left for Canon, surely this ridiculous stunt had eliminated the last of it. Canon seems so disconnected from their own customers, what we want, what we need. It’s not about us anymore, it seems. It’s about the $$ or maybe it always has been and now the two just don’t mix like they used to. Either way, Canon lost a lot of respect from this writer today.

How about next time you hype up an announcement, you actually announce something exciting and worth the countdown? Thanks for nothing, Canon.


What are your thoughts on this marketing stunt by Canon? Do you think that this is being overblown, or is Canon really that disconnected with reality? Leave a comment below!

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