We’ve already posted about how Canon is investing pretty heavily in the mirrorless RF mount systems and rumors to release a lot of new gear, so the leak of some new lens patents shouldn’t come as a surprise. What is surprising is the alleged & crazy f/1.1 focal length on a Zoom Lens system!

Canon Rumors shared the news of a recently filed¬†patent, (US20190243111), for just a system that’s nothing short of insane. While Canon and other manufacturers have released f/1.0 lenses before, something like this with a fixed f/1.1 on a zoom type lens is pretty much unheard of anywhere. Check out some of the technical specs below from the patent filing;

Canon RF 50-80mm f/1.1

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According to Canon Rumors, “also included in this patent document are optical formulas for a RF 50-80mm f/1.2, RF 50-80mm f/1.4, RF 50-80mm f/1.6 and a RF 50-80mm f/1.8.”¬†Again, just because something is patented, doesn’t mean it’ll ever see the light of day. So keep in mind even if these become a reality, it’ll likely be well into 2020 before we hear anything official. Regardless, it’s kind of mind blowing to even think a product like this would hit the market, and i’m very intrigued to see where Canon is taking things with these ideas and the new RF system.

Would you use this lens if it were to come to market? Care to take a guess at what the price point would be on a beast of this calibre? How and what would you use this lens for? Let us know in the comments below.

via Canon Rumors & Northlight