According to rumor reports coming out of the Canon rumor mill, it seems that Canon could be poised to announce a new 11-24mm f/4L in the next several weeks. PhotoPlus Expo is coming up at the end of the month, and while not usually a big show for major announcements, it would be a great platform for an announcement such as this.


The genesis of this particular rumor can be traced back to a post on a few weeks back, in which the above image was “leaked.” The image was removed shortly thereafter, but has since resurfaced on digicame-info and has been backed up by an independent source to Canon Watch.

Though Canon Watch does note that their source has been wrong in the past, the image looks legit enough. To me, it looks exactly like a Canon lens product shot. I am with the CW admin here, this seems like a legit rumor and this lens could be dropping anytime over the next month. Still, as always, take this with some salt – don’t bet the house on it or anything.

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The additional tidbit that makes this rumor even more interesting, is that it goes along so nicely with the long standing rumor that a high megapixel Canon camera was on the way soon. This lens would, in theory, be announced with that supposed new high megapixel Canon body.

Time will tell how accurate that extra stuff is, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see this lens announced at the very least. The big piece, as it always is, will be the price. It has that L designation, so you can be pretty sure that the L premium will apply.


What are your thoughts on this lens rumor? Would you be interested in an 11-24mm F/4L from Canon? Leave a comment below!

[via Canon Watch]