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Gear Rumors

Canon Cooking Up A New Flash System?

By Anthony Thurston on May 4th 2015

Here is an interesting rumor. According to the latest Canon Rumor buzz, it appears that Canon could be working on a new flash system, and it may make its debut next year.


According to a report over on Canon rumors, they have received intel that Canon could possibly be working on E-TTL III (or it may go by some other name). CR quotes their source as saying that Canon is “actively working on improving their own system, rather than making new E-TTL II flashes.

This comes at an interesting time for Canon, as competition from third party manufacturers extends beyond lenses, threatening their branded speedlights as well. Nikon also has a nice lead over Canon as far as Flash Metering technology goes. So Canon is fighting its speedlight battle on multiple fronts.

It will be interesting to see what they come up with and what this could mean for Canon’s next generation of speedlights. On my personal wish list is radio flash control built into their camera bodies, so you don’t need a ‘master’ flash on top to trigger your wireless speedlights.

What is on your wish list for the next generation of Canon speedlights? What would you like to see out of E-TTL III (or whatever they call it)? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

[via Canon Rumors]

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Q&A Discussions

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  1. William Emmett

    I can’t imagine what adding all these features, and changing the entire flash system would do to the Canon body size. It would almost cause a entire redesign of the current bodies just to make the implementation work on all the older bodies. There are already hotshoe attached radio Tx/Rx making a Rx for adding to a flash is no easy task, unless they use a external Rx. To make a E-TTL III system for cameras would make all the previous E-TTL II systems obsolete. Would it take a hardware change, along with a software update? Sounds like a pack of worms to me.


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  2. Richard Bremer

    I actually like external controls on top of my camera body. This way, I don’t have to dive into the menu’s of the camera. Even if you preset them to some “favorites” tab, you always have to do more clicks then when using a good controller on top of the camera.

    That being said, a new system could benefit from a simplified menu structure. Also, flash power and, more important, consistancy in both output and color temp could be improved. And perhaps a universal way to (better) attach accessoiries like softboxes or gels. Last but not least, maybe there could be a way to click an external powersupply to the flash body and/or a way to click multiple flashes together.

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  3. Richard Barrios

    I shoot Nikon so what Canon does with their speedlight will probably not affect me, at least not immediately. But, I would like to see radio controls incorporated within the system. Perhaps then Nikon will follow too.

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  4. Marlin Woodruff

    Yes to Radio, and lets end the need for extra devices, also filter options…

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  5. Matthew Saville

    Really, Canon doesn’t have much left to “add” to a flash system. They’ve already got built-in radio, and Nikon is still showing no signs of competing with that yet.

    What else could they do? Well, aside from drastically lowering their prices to compete with killer setups such as the Yongnuo 560IV and Phottix systems, both which have built-in TTL, HSS, and radio triggering, …Canon could also do the following:

    Seriously, this has been one of Canon’s big shorcomings for over ten years now. Nikon’s flashes, and CLS wireless system, were infinitely more effortless and intuitive to operate than Canon’s. Canon has tried to become feature-rich, especially with the 600EXRT, but they always manage to shoot their new technology in the foot by creating a menu interface that is abysmally difficult to navigate. My Yongnuo 560 III’s have built-in radio receiving, wireless power control and even wireless zoom control, and cost $70. Their menu interface is so simple, a pre-teen kid who knows nothing about photography could program a multi-light wireless setup in 3 minutes. The 600EXRT, on the other hand, seems to require multiple experienced photographers combing through the user manuals for an hour to figure out how to make everything communicate and work together.

    2.)Oh, and I guess they could add a constant modeling light. That’d be cool to have, and it’d make all the $500 flashlight buyers feel as silly as they ought to. ;-)

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    • Fran Roman

      The Yongnuo 600EXRT does not have the modeling light ability in their function section like the Canon 600EXRT does, but it still works pretty good. Don’t know how long mine will last since I’m not a professional, but you are right, Canon needs to come down on their prices. It’s as if they fail to acknowledge the reason people go to 3rd party items. If they don’t like it, then change that. It’s why we have competitors, to keep those that will get carried away in check. This is why I won’t buy apple either. I hate proprietary greed.

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  6. Geoffrey Van Meirvenne

    Build-in receivers and triggers in the body would make things easier indeed. Like the preset idea as well, can come in handy to switch easily between different scenarios (especially for wedding photographers for example)

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  7. Ed Rhodes

    wonder if it will be backwards compatible with older cameras?

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  8. Thomas Horton

    More intuitive controls would be nice. Storable presets would be a bonus.

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