Canon has just released a new DSLR simulation website designed to help teach the new generation of DSLR shooters about shooting with a DSLR. The website prompts users to “take creative control” of their photos and introduces the site as a way to learn how to creatively use a camera beyond its auto settings.

I think that this is a neat tool for people who are new to DSLRs or even photography in general. The site is broken up into three sections, Learn, Play and Challenge. I’ve broken down each section below to better help you guys understand how the site works. After you look at the information below go to the website and check it out.


The learn section teaches the users about exposure, focusing on how ISO, aperture and shutter speed come into play. It ends by showing on a scale an image that is 3 stops under exposed, exposed correctly, and 3 stops over exposed. This is a great crash course for anyone who is new to manual settings.




The play section is the most fun part of the site. It allows you to play around with the settings that you learned about back in the learn section to better understand how they all come together to work. After you take a shot the site gives you feedback on that shot and the different aspects of it.


This really fun as well, assuming you like to play around with web games that is. The site shows you a picture of target exposure, and tells you what features to try and recreate. Then it times you as you try to match the exposure of the shot that was shown to you. It’s pretty fun, though to anyone experienced with manual exposure settings it should be really easy.


[via Reddit via Canon]