Canon announced their update to the C100, the C100 MkII just this last month. The biggest surprise was not one of its new features, but its lack of a feature: 4K recording.


According to the latest rumors out of Canon land, the C300 (the step up form the C100) is also due to be updated in 2015. The upgrade is expected to be a more substantial than the upgrade that the C100 got this year. The marquee feature is expected to be 4K recording.

This fits in well with other rumors that we have heard that 2015 will be the year of 4K for Canon. While that rumor was more aimed at the DSLR market, I find it highly unlikely that Canon would upgrade their higher end DSLRs to 4K and not the Cinema EOS cameras.

[REWIND: Canon Announces New C100 Mk II]

The current C300 runs around $12,000 without the Dual Pixel AF upgrade, or around $14,000 with the Dual Pixel AF upgrade. I would think that the new version would come with the Dual Pixel AF included by default, and will probably start somewhere between the two prices.

The C300 MkII is expected to be announced sometime shortly before NAB in Las Vegas, which is in April. Still lots of time for more details about this camera to come to light. I am curious to see where this goes, as Canon’s 4K strategy seems so vastly different from their competitors.

[via Canon Rumors]