Mac OSX on a PC, Windows on a Mac, Big Mac at Burger King, Whopper at McDonalds, some things just sound weird and out of place.

Canonites and Nikonians prepare to gasp. Canon has just announced a new industrial camera, not much news on its own from our perspective as professional photographers, but what is newsworthy is this new camera’s lens mount.

Canon Camera With A Nikon Mount


This new Canon M15P-CL Industrial Camera does not come with a Canon EF mount or even an Canon FL mount, this camera comes with a Nikon F Mount! Yes, you read this correctly, Canon purposely built a new camera with a Nikon F lens mount, rather than one of their own lens mounts.

The interesting thing behind this is that in the press release for the camera, the Nikon F mount is not mentioned anywhere. But through some sleuthing , research, and looking at the picture, it has been determined that the mount is in fact a Nikon F Mount. But why, why would Canon use a Nikon lens mount?

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According to the research, it is actually a pretty smart move from Canon, as apparently the Nikon F Mount has the majority of the Industrial market. So, in order to make the camera more attractive – aka, so companies do not also have to buy new lenses – Canon used the most common lens mount.

Still, from the perspective of a professional photographer, this is rather shocking news. Canon does NOT use Nikon stuff, and Nikon does NOT use Canon stuff. Its like ordering a Big Mac at Burger King, or a Whopper at McDonalds. But it does raise an interesting question about the future of the professional photography world. Do you think it is possible that this could ever happen with a DSLR/ILC camera? Maybe a Canon 5D Mark IV-F? haha

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