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Canon Announces New 55-200mm EF-M Lens

By Anthony Thurston on June 17th 2014

Canon just can’t seem to make up their minds about their mirrorless EF-M system. News broke during the last few months that Canon USA had virtually wiped all mention of the EOS-M from their website, and now it seems that they have announced a new EF-M 55-200mm lens (not in the USA though).

[REWIND: Fuji 55-200mm Initial Thoughts]

Yes, there is a world outside of the USA, but it just feels to me like Canon can’t really decide if they want to do this mirrorless thing or not. While one arm is throwing the EOS-M in the trash, another arm is building a new EF-M lens. It just seems like a ship without a rudder…

Canon EF-M 55-200mm F/4.5-6.3 IS STM Details


  • Adopted one glass molded aspherical lens and one UD lens.
  • 22% shortening the overall length compared to the EF 55-250 IS STM.
  • EF-250 mm in 1980-IS 31% weight reduction compared with STM equipped with a camera shake correction of the effect of 3.5 stops.
  • Fast AF algorithm.
  • Full-time manual focus.
  • ET-54B Lens Hood.

Part of me wonders if maybe Canon has a new EOS-M in the works. Why in the world would they still be releasing lenses if they were actually planning to scrap the whole mirrorless thing? So, I guess if you are like me, and really want Canon to take mirrorless seriously, this could be seen as good news.


What are your thoughts on this? What on earth is Canon doing with its mirrorless line? Leave a comment below!

[via Canon Rumors]

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  1. Mark Rogers

    I understood there was new a new EOS-M in Japan but that they had decided not to issue it anywhere else.

    A quick Google turned up this:

    Perhaps the rest of the world is going to get the EOS-M3?


    | |
  2. Duskrider

    Sure hope they stay on course with mirrorless. I have the M and must say that, the things it’s good at, it’s great at. Bokeh is sweet, colour rendition is beautiful and having an APS-C sensor in your pocket is fantastic. It’s got great high ISO quality too.

    On hikes and bike trips, I no longer feel like I’m sacrificing if I don’t take my DSLR.

    Other than it being too slow to fire for sports, this camera is a great addition to my tool chest.

    | |
  3. Aaron

    Would be nice if it meant a new EOS M model, but I just want this lens! Even if they don’t offer it in the USA, I hope it’s reasonably priced and easy enough to obtain grey market. It’ll really round out the EF-M lineup and make the EOS M a decent travel camera.

    | |
    • John Priest

      I just ordered this lens to be shipped to me in Portland, OR USA
      I got it from DigitalRev TV (starring that awesome guy Kai) it was $399 with shipping via fedex/ups.
      Can’t wait!!!

      | |