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Gear Rumors

Canon Announcement Coming, Tamron FE Patent, and Samsung’s 2TB SSD | Daily Roundup

By Anthony Thurston on July 6th 2015

Welcome to our roundup series where we will hit on several gear news and rumor topics each day. This gives you a chance to get caught up on all of the day’s news and rumors in one place. Make sure to check back daily for the latest gear news, rumors and announcements.

Canon Announcements Coming August 16th


The latest Canon rumor mill rumblings point to a big announcement coming on August 16th. We don’t have any specifics on what will be announced, but that we will see at least one camera and two lenses.

Most rumors agree that the 6D Mark II will not be announced until closer to 2016, so maybe this is the expected 5D Mark IV, or possibly just a new Rebel (SL2, maybe?). The lenses are a mystery as well, but Canon did just refresh their 50mm F/1.8 STM, so maybe an updated 50mm F/1.4 is coming?

Tamron To Start Making FE lenses?



An interesting Tamron lens patent has emerged suggesting that Tamron may be working on their own line of Sony FE lenses. The new patent contains the designs for a 24mm F/2 FE mount lens, something that could fit nicely into the current lineup of native FE lenses.

The other prevailing theory here is that this could be a Tamron designed lens, that will be branded as Sony if announced. Tamron is rumored to have designed lenses for Sony before, so this could be another case of that.

Personally, I would much rather see Tamron enter the FE mount game on their own, inject a little more variety into the lens landscape. It is also a great opportunity for Tamron, as Sigma has appeared to show little interest in developing lenses for the FE system, it could be a market for them to release their own high-quality primes without being overshadowed by Sigma’s Art lenses.

Samsung Announces New 2TB SSD


The price per gigabyte for SSD storage has come way down from where it was in the past, making 120GB and even 250GB SSDs very affordable in the $100 range. But for photographers, the hunger for more gigabytes is strong, and classic disk hard drives are slow.

Samsung has a new SSD for you, but you will have to pay a hefty premium for it. Their new 2TB SSD features as much storage as a decently sized disk drive, but maintains those impressive SSD speeds. The catch, of course, is the price, at $800 for the regular version and  $1000 for the Pro version.

But still, for those looking for the fastest and the largest drives, these are about the best you can get right now with any semblance of affordability. We are told these new drives are currently shipping, so you should start to see them crop up in local retail stores and online soon.

What are your thoughts on today’s roundup? What news/rumors did we miss? What would you like to see covered in future roundups? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

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Anthony Thurston is a photographer based in the Salem, Oregon area specializing in Boudoir. He recently started a new project, Fiercely Boudoir to help support the growing boudoir community. Find him over on Instagram. You may also connect with him via Email.

Q&A Discussions

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  1. Jason Boa

    Ww will see the prices come down soon enough , before you know it they will be $ 100 a TB .

    | |
  2. Brandon Dewey

    Very Cool!

    | |
  3. Rafael Steffen

    Cools news. Thanks for sharing!

    | |
  4. robert s

    Wanna see a tamron or sigma 85mm 1.4/1.8.

    No interest in any nikon lens (or even flash} . Ripoff prices, crap build, slow af and not any better than any art lens.

    Now tamron needs to jump on the prime momentum as well. That 15-30vc is a remarkable lens.

    | |
  5. Daniel Lee

    I really hope that announcement includes a new 85mm f1.8/1.4.

    | |
  6. robert garfinkle

    2tb SSD’s – you are better off paying for the higher end version.

    Hmmm, I have to get 4 of them though… if I want to replace my 2TB drives in my server – if it makes sense to do so. but, that’s 4 grand.

    btw – still using my 480GB SSD from intel, still shows healthy after 2.5 years of use. that’s not bad right?

    | |
    • Joseph Wu

      You must be not putting enough writes on those SSD’s. =) I have killed 1-2 Intel 240GB and 480GB drives in terms of “usefulness” < 10% health left. It can still show "healthy" depending on the smart tool to use. That said for 2TB for $800, that's a great deal. That's much cheaper than an 850 pro 1TB $600. hopefully they lower the price on the 850 pro 1TB, so I can grab another and put it into RAID-0 goodness. Or get a Intel 750. decisions...

      | |
    • Dave Haynie

      A current generation consumer HDD has a MTBF rating of 300,000 to 600,000 hours, higher spec drives are rated at 1.2-1.6 hours. That doesn’t precisely translate to drive life. Some large real world studies put the average AFR (annualized failure rate) of an HDD failure at 3% per year for the first five years. Others peg cheap consumer drives at about 5%.

      I would certainly hope that SSDs last longer, but the wear mechanisms are completely different. I’ve seen several reports claiming an AFR of 1.5% for SSDs. But there is definitely more you can do to keep them alive over HDDs. For example, I have a huge amount of DRAM, and have my swap file on my HDD RAID, not my main boot SSD.

      Some other tests on going have consumer SSDs delivering a write life between hundreds of Terabytes to over a Petabyte. Now sure, they have not been around long enough for real world extended aging tests. But I would expect 5+ years if you’re not doing crazy stuff.

      | |
    • Dave Haynie

      Uh, that’s of course 1.2-1.6 million hours. An edit function is that much trouble?

      | |
    • robert garfinkle

      I’m gonna say a lot – and very little at the same time here; leave it up to you to sort out what’s what…

      1. I love the concept of SSD’s; obviously I own them, very happy with their performance.

      To Dave H: Thanks for the info on failure rate, I suppose it’s six and 1 1/2 dozen of the other – meaning, no matter what you set yourself up with, they will eventually fail, from what I gather, based on what you say, the SSD’s have a bit better life expectancy. So far, in 3 computers, I have been running the same two SSDs, just move em from PC to PC – mind you, not the same model SSDs, the very same two SSD’s I purchased 3 some odd years ago, and knock-on-silicone, they are still thumping. If the intel SSD toolbox software is lying to me, well, then I’m in for bit of a surprise, yet, to date, the software is telling me I have 100% life remaining…

      To Joseph W: I use my PC everyday, it is not uncommon that I move GB at a time between my PC and my server, usually off-loading, / on-loading media (music, movies, images), and I run a dual-boot system, with built-in ghost imaging which I run about 1 time a month, so, yes, I say it get’s plenty o use. Maybe I’m lucky.

      2. While the idea of replacing all my server drives is appealing, and the price would be 4k just for the data drives in that puppy, I’d have to justify somehow doing a swap out, and even if I had the spare change I could see it as the biggest waste considering that all those drives do are warehouse data – even if I had the network throughput in my tablet / laptop (and I do not), it’d still be a tough call to justify – as I am not sure what it would buy me to copy files from server to pc etc and back again, faster? not a reason to purchase.

      3. What I’d really like to see, because I like the concept of mSata, and the miniaturization of that architecture, are slots in our cameras, not so much to use as removable storage, like SD / CF cards, but to act as “buffer” / temp storage – that’d be cool…

      Here is my thinking –

      Using an mSata SSD drive, a camera mfr can provide a nice option whereas the photographer can leverage the mSata to either act as buffer (before it gets written to SD / CF) and or internal storage to act as a temporary holding container before it either get’s moved to an SD / CF card or copied off to a PC from the temp storage.

      actually, because of the capacity and performance, it’d be cool to see the option for an mSata to be partitioned partially for buffer and the other half for temp storage, depending on application – up to the camera user…


      a. if you increase the buffer size you could definitely add more FPS even in mirrored systems no matter what MP sensor you have; staving off limits / bottlenecks.

      b. increased buffer also works for longer video shoots; and additional temp storage is a great place to park videos temporarily

      c. mSata SSD’s varies in capacity, which can give affordability to buffer / temp storage… etc.

      | |
  7. Dave Haynie

    Back in 1993, I paid $1200 for a 2GB “multimedia” hard drive. Back then, if you didn’t pay a little extra for a special multimedia drive, it could lock up briefly in the process of recording or playing back audio…. video wasn’t for some years yet on a PC, for me anyway. So 22 years later, I can get solid state storage at 1000x the capacity and 50x the speed for 2/3 the price? Not too shabby…

    | |
    • Graham Curran

      I remember getting a 20MB hard drive for my Apple II back in 1985, that was also about $1200.

      | |
  8. Colin Woods

    Back in 2005 I paid $300 for a 250GB normal hard disk. Now we can get 2000GB solid state for $800. Fantastic now that 24MP is the norm, rather than the 6MP that I had with my D70.

    | |
  9. adam sanford

    Anthony, stop teasing a new 50mm prime from Canon. We get one of those per decade.

    #50f/nooneknowsISUSMin2025 #arewethereyet

    | |