Lst week, we starting hearing murmurings about an issue with some Canon T6i and T6s camera sensors. Lensrentals reported that the issue had affected many of their stock, and seemed to be released to the sensor stack.


Canon has stepped up and has officially acknowledged the sensor issue in a new technical advisory. In the advisory, Canon, as Lensrentals suggested, points to “irregularities on an optical layer located in front of the image sensor” (aka the sensor stack).

But fear not, if you happen to be one of the unlucky individuals with an affected sensor, Canon has promised to replace your sensor at no cost to you. If you want to figure out if your sensor could have the issue, take a look at your serial number and if it begins with a ’01’ or a ’02’ then your sensor has the potential to possibly have the issue.

If you do have a camera with a serial number in that range, then you should examine your sensor with a sensor loupe. You could also go outside and shoot stopped down to F/22 and shoot at the sky. If you see a ton of dots that look like dust, send it in to get replaced. If not, you are probably in the clear.

If you plan on buying a T6i/T6s in the near future, you can check to see if the unit you are buying has already been fixed or checked for the issue by opening the battery door. If you see a black dot as indicated in the image below, then your camera has been fixed/checked for this issue and is good to go.


It’s good to see Canon stepping up to the plate here and getting this issue resolved so quickly. I have to say,  a 1 week turnaround time is not bad at all.

[via Canon]