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Canon 80D To Feature 28+MP Sensor?


The rumor mill is starting to flood with specs and tidbits about a rumored Canon 80D camera. The 70D, while a great mid-range APS-C offering, is a couple of years old now, and by today’s standards that means it’s about time for an update/upgrade.

Most of the specs and information coming out is rubbish, but there was one somewhat interesting bit about the sensor. According to the CR report, they are fairly certain that the 80D will feature a significantly higher megapixel count over the current 70D sensor (~20MP).

If their specs are correct, they expect the camera to feature a 28-34MP sensor, which could bring this small APS-C camera into the conversation as one of the highest megapixel cameras available right now in the SLR form factor. It seems that Canon is trying to shift the conversation about cameras back to Megapixels, something they can actually compete with Sony and the mirrorless cameras on. Let’s hope the sensor has more going for it than just the megapixels.

Some of the other specs, though these are very unlikely in my opinion, are a color LCD on the top of the camera that could be capable of displaying a histogram, voice control, and an electronic shutter. They all sound nice, but highly unlikely.

What are your thoughts on these 80D specs? Is that too many megapixels for an APS-C body?

Awesome Timelapse For Your Phone with Hobie

Have you ever had the desire to do some really fun 360 timelapse projects with your phone? Well, if you have, then this Kickstarter project may just be the one for you. The Hobie is a modified kitchen timer that will – in addition to letting you know when dinner is done – allow you to get great and smooth timelapse clips from your phone.

The campaign originally had a goal of $15,000, but support has been outstanding, and the campaign is now well over 200% funded; rather interesting given the simple nature of the product.

What are your thoughts on this Kickstarter? Also, if you want a timelapse tool that will work with your larger cameras make sure to check out our Syrp Genie Mini Giveaway!

Why Are Cameras Banned in the Supreme Court?

One of the few places remaining in the US where one can not have a camera is the Supreme Court. Some wonder why such a rule exists, and to try and – in a joking manner – get to the root of the problem, Stephen Colbert asked Justice Breyer this very question (camera stuff starts at 3:12).

His response is rather vague, but basically he wonders if people even care. I tend to agree with him; I’m not going to set my DVR and pop any popcorn to catch the next Supreme Court case. But that said, I also wonder about the need for a ban.

If noise is the concern, which at one point in history it would have been, that is a non-issue nowadays with the advent of virtually silent electronic shutters on many of the mirrorless cameras out there now. Another concern is the media taking clips out of context to bump ratings and misrepresent the proceedings – and this, ladies and gents, is probably the biggest reason for the ban in my book.

No cameras or live video means no chance for the media to take that images/footage and spin it in a way that would/could mislead the country about what happened inside the court.

I could care less really, but where do you all stand on this? Should cameras be allowed in America’s highest court?

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