When Canon’s 7D Mark II was announced back at Photokina the company said to expect the new high end APS-C body sometime in November. It seems that the body will come sooner, as Amazon.com is now listing the expected ship date as October 30th (in the US at least).


It is always hard waiting for a body from announcement to release. So, it is always welcome news when a camera or lens comes sooner than expected. I am particularly happy because that means I may be able to get my hands on the 7D II for our coverage of PhotoPlus at the end of the month, which would be incredibly awesome.

[REWIND: Matt Granger’s Photokina 7D Mark II Walk Through]

If you haven’t already pre-ordered your 7D Mark II, you can get your name on the list and hopefully get one of the first available copies come October 30th by pre-ordering the body ($1799) or kit ($2149) today.