One of this season’s highly anticipated camera releases was the 7D Mark II. Of course, Canon didn’t help by making us wait 100 years – well, just 5 years, but it felt like 100 – to replace the original 7D. When Canon finally announced the 7D Mark II, the angels sang, the rocks cried out and sports/wildlife photographer’s began looking for things to sell so they could scrape up enough money for this new shiny toy. You should have seen the writers surround Anthony at PhotoPlus when he brought back the review unit from B&H. Ooohs and ahhhs abounded.



The specs were exciting: a new improved AF system, duel pixel AF in video mode and a new sensor, but was it worth the wait? The Camera Store TV just released their hands on review of the 7D Mark II to see if this camera can deliver on its promises and how it compares to the other APS-C cameras on the market.

Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake brought in photojournalist Todd Korol to take a look at the image quality, video capabilities, autofocusing, handling and more on this camera to see if it truly is the best APS-C camera in the world…


Watch The Camera Store TV’s Hands On Review of the Canon 7D Mark II

The review is not surprising; action/sports/wildlife photographers will dig this camera. Canon still has some work to do. The autofocusing is something to write home about. Anthony will have his 7D Mark II review ready to go this week; let’s see if he agrees with Chris and the crew at TCSTV.

What do you think? Is the 7D Mark II the best APS-C out there or does Canon need to step it up, especially in the area of image quality? Leave a comment below.