Cinema 5D recently did an amazing camera comparison shootout recently where they compared 6 cameras in a controlled environment with 18 different filters. The dubbed the project the “Beauty Filter Test”, and if you are at all curious about how these different cameras worked with these 18 different types of filters (for video) then check out this full video.

What I wanted to focus on was another video that they created as an offshoot of this project which is designed to simply compare how these 6 different cameras (Arri Alexa, Red Mx, Canon 7D, Sony F65, Sony FS700, Canon C300) all stood up against each other in a controlled environment. Surprisingly they chose to use the Canon 7D rather than a newer model, thought if I am honest I think that it performed pretty well given the competition. Check out the video below.

Now here are a few frames frame grabs, provided by Cinema 5D, so you can really take a look at the difference between the different cameras. The 7D is clearly lacking when compared to these other cameras, but is still very much usable in my opinion. (Click on the image to see it full size)

alexa-1024x576 c300-1024x576 canon7d-1024x576 f65-1024x576 fs700-1024x576 redmx-1024x576

What are your thoughts? which camera do you think performed the best, how about the worst? Let us know in a comment below. 

[via Cinema 5D]