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Canon 70D Upgrade Coming Soon?


The latest news coming out of the Canon rumor mill is that an update to the Canon 70D will come BEFORE any sort of 80D or ‘next-gen’ upgrade. In other words, we are going to see a 70D A or 70D S (or whatever Canon decides to call it) before they jump up to the 80D.

According to the details, the newer camera will be a minimal upgrade at best, featuring the same AF system that is in the current 70D, a 24MP sensor with DPAF, a slightly larger buffer, and an upgrade to the DIGIC 6 processor.

As far as timeline for this new camera? The rumors are saying ‘soon’, but at the same time talking about January and CES. So I would say anytime within the next 1.5-2 months is most likely – assuming their information is correct.

Personally, these specs and an upgrade like this doesn’t interest me much. But then, I am not the target market for a camera such as this. That said, I would hope that Canon can upgrade more than just the buffer, the processor, and a few megapixels on the sensor to make the camera more worthwhile of an upgrade.

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Pulse: New Camera Control App/Device Blows Past Kickstarter Goals

Kickstarter is such a fun place. It seems like every day something new and exciting is being developed to make our lives easier. On the docket today is a new device called Pulse, which promises to be the best camera remote control you have ever used.

Not only does the device look cool, it is also compatible with all Canon and Nikon cameras that feature a USB connection. Pulse connects to your phone via a Bluetooth connection, features 24-hour battery life, and allows you to capture stills, video, and even set up time-lapse sequences without having to touch your camera.

Now, controlling your camera remotely, even from you phone, is nothing new. But the presentation, the features, and the experience that Pulse promises to be on a different level from other remote control apps.

The only negative from my point of view is the lack of Sony mirrorless support. Alpine Labs, the company behind Pulse, says this is due to a limitation that Sony places on their cameras that prevent the camera from saving the images/video locally if connected via USB (like the Pulse). So, it seems the issues are not something that Alpine Labs can address. Still, it’s disappointing.


The Pulse Kickstarter had an initial goal $50,000, and in their first four days the campaign has brought in over $220,000 in support. Their estimated delivery of the Pulse device is April of 2016. If you would like to learn more about the Pulse, or show your support/get one, you can head on over to the Kickstarter page here.

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