We told you yesterday about the insane Canon 60D deal running over at B&H, and today we are happy to say that the camera that caused that amazing deal (the 70D) is hitting stores across the US.


In fact I was just at my local shop and they had their first 70D come in and I had a chance to play around with it for a few minutes. It looks and feels almost identical to the 60D, but of course features that are new/updated include improved sensor, wifi, and high powered auto focus technology.

The new Canon 70D is now available on B&H as the body only ($1199), as well as in the kit that includes the 18-55 lens ($1349) or the 18-135 STM lens ($1549). You can also pick up the battery grip for the 70D, the new Canon BG-E14 for only $199.