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Canon 6D Specs Leaked! Priced like Nikon D600?

By fotosiamo on September 14th 2012

Canon 6D SLR Lounge

Hot on the heels of the Nikon D600 is the Canon 6D. We already went over our thoughts on the D600, and it looks like the 6D will be similar in many ways to the D600.


This is the translation from the Canon 6D specs posted by Digicameinfo:

  • 20 MP FF sensor
  • DIGIC5+ image processing engine
  • Body as big as an APS-C body
  • Covered by a Magnesium alloy
  • Built-in W-Fi
  • Built-in GPS
  • 11 points AF ,central cross sensor F2.8
  • 4.5 frames per second
  • 30sec up to 1/4000 shutter speed
  • second sync at 1/180 shutter
  • speed shutter durability of 100,000
  • Dustproof
  • 3-inch 1.04 million dot LCD screen
  • Full HD (1920×1080)
  • ISO100-25600 (50,51200,102400 extension)
  • Creative Auto
  • SD / SDHC / SDXC media (corresponding UHS-I)
  • 755g weight (battery and card included)
  • Released in December 2012
  • Price around 195 000 yen (at current conversion rate this is 1900 Euro or $2500) But keep in mind that prices in Japan are usually higher than in US. Price should match the Nikon D600 ($2100). With EF24-105mm F4L IS kit around ¥ 295 000 ($3800 or 2900 Euro

  • So compared to the D600, the 6D has 20MP instead of 24MP. Other differences include

  • 11 AF points instead of 39 AF points
  • built-in GPS
  • built-in Wifi
  • 1/180 sec sync instead of 1/200 sec sync
  • December release instead of September release

  • Well, it’s a bit disappointing that the Canon 6D is under-spec compared to the Nikon D600.

    So what do you guys think? If price is similar to the Nikon D600, is the Canon 6D the right camera for you? Did Canon get this right?

    Thanks to CanonWatch for the link!

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    1. Ed Rhodes

      love my 6D

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    2. Matthew Saville

      I think at this point, these specs are still at least 50%  wishful thinking.  Some of them make sense, but some of them I’d bet are just random guesses by someone “in the know”.

      If Canon puts the 5D m2 (or similar) 9-point AF into *ANY* new semi-pro body, in my opinion, it will be an epic fail.  That AF system just needs to go.

      My bet is, they’ll just adapt the 7D’s AF system to full-frame, or come up with something similar with more cross-type AF points and much better accuracy overall.  That, plus I dunno why they’d re-design a whole new sensor when the 21 and 22 megapixel sensors are perfectly fine.  Each sensor Canon makes is extremely expensive to R&D, and they try to recoup as much of that cost any way they can.  If they can “cannibalize” the 1Ds mk3 sensor for the “cheapo” 5D mk2, then they sure as heck can cannibalize the 5D mk2 or 5D mk3 sensor for another body…

      That, and the last thing that sound fishy is the built-in GPS *and* Wifi.  I just doubt it.  Canon is the king of accessory sales.  Otherwise they would have started including an intervalometer like Nikon has been doing since like, 2005?  Anyways I just don’t see a 6D including a feature that Canon KNOWS they could sell like crazy as a $40 accessory or two.

      Sad opinion, I know, but that’s what I’m thinking at this point.


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      • Matthew Saville

        I mis-spoke when I called it a 9-point AF system; since this camera appears to have 11 points.  But my point still stands-  Anything less than the 7D’s 19 point system will be a huge fail.  I don’t know why Canon would design a whole new AF system and then only include 11 AF points.  They need to step it up, or else this camera will be even more “crippled” than the D600.

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    3. Reji Berrouet

      I was holding out for the 5D Mark III. But at this price, I think I’ll still go with the III. The only thing I feel I’d be missing is the built in wifi for wireless tethering. I don’t give two hoots about GPS…

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    4. Asdf1234

      This camera should have been a full frame version of the 7D.  11 focus points is complete BS!!! and don’t get me started on 180/the sync speed!

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      • Stephan

        The write off will also be much worse then useall at only 100000 shutter movements. This in my opinion is the biggest difference from the D600.

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    5. Anonymous

      So does built in Wi-fi mean sans adapter like Nikon’s WU-1b?

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    6. Terrie Eliker

      While it appears a bit pricey, I’ll wait for the confirmed specs to judge. At this price I would stay with the 5D. 

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    7. Ivan Boden

      Newbies, with no investment in lenses will be easily swayed to the Nikon system based on the value-to-features list.

      Canon users with an investment in lenses moving up from a lesser body will stay.

      I doubt this will sell at all to Canon users who have a 5D series or the top-end 1D series.

      I think it’s a miss.

      If the price were cheaper than the Nikon D600, it would fair better.

      The sticking points to me are price and lack of auto-focus points.

      Bad decision Canon! Priced right, they’d sell more bodies to newbies. That’s whole new mass  and lot more lenses, plus customer loyalty.

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    8. John C

      No Mention of Video capabilities?… :P

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      • Matthew Saville

        John, funny that you mention this; I think that such a huge omission from a spec list might be a sign that the specs are just a “fake leak”.  If this were a real leak, they’d mention certain specs.  We all know what official press releases look like, and what’s more we all know what the “real leaks” looked like that preceeded those official press releases.  This doesn’t smell like one of those official spec lists…

        But of course this is just pure conjecture for fun.


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    9. Jorge Araujo

      The only thing that is interesting about the 6D is the Full Frame, but its looks like a crap camera other than that… Ill stick to my 7D which is a much better camera just APS-C. And save up for the 5D MkIII.

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    10. Scott Cushman

      WiFi being built in (rather than an adapter) is a nice feature I wish Nikon would embrace, so it’s great to see Canon making that standard. However, it’s not a deal breaker difference.

      I guess it all comes down to image quality, especially at high ISOs. If the listed ISO ranges indicate an actual advantage at those ISOs, I think one could make an argument for the Canon, but I doubt the quality will vary as much as the numbers do between the products.  

      I completely agree with JimmySchaefer and Andrew Flemming. I don’t think most people will actually see their choice as being between a D600 and 6D. If you’ve already got Canon glass, you’d be silly to switch to Nikon for such small differences, and vice versa. And if you don’t already have lenses, it’s likely you’re new to the world of photography and you’d be better off getting a lower-end camera while you’re starting up the learning curve. The real question is how does this compare to the 5D MKII, which is now available at a similar price point.

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      • Matthew Saville

        Scott, in my opinion it all just depends on how much you like to push the envelope.  In the past few generations, the people I know of who have switched have done so for the following two reasons-  autofocus performance, and dynamic range.  These are two things that even the above-average user might be content with from either camp, however if you push the envelope as far as it can go, Canon chokes well before Nikon.  It’s that simple.

        So I agree with you for the most part.  Neither the D600 nor the 6D are good reason (by themselves) to fully switch.  However EVERY camera released is always an indicator of that companie’s overall philosophy, and in my opinion the sum of the systems generates plenty of reasons to switch, and in BOTH directions…  It just so happens that for what I shoot, the switching bias is Canon > Nikon.  But I can think of plenty of situations where a 7D or 5D mk3 would be a much better choice than anything Nikon is currently offering, or may offer in the next 1-2 generations assuming both companies proceed on their current paths.


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    11. William I.

      I am somewhat annoyed at the direction BOTH canon and nikon have been taking with the last few generations of cameras.  while I LOVE the newfound capabilities on the video side, as a pro photographer I am filled with raging hatred for their use of shutters that are completely inferior in terms of flash-sync performance to shutters of 1990’s era film cameras when 1/250th sync speed was the standard.  1/180th sync on a $2000+ camera body??? 

      what the hell…  there is no excuse in this era for any DSLR to NOT have a global shutter capable of full sync at ANY speed!  the original EOS-1 could do it (though it used a CCD)!

      | |
      • Matthew Saville

        William, the basis of your “raging hatred” is basically, if I read you correctly, the fact that you believe Canon and Nikon should be able to spend more on shutter production, while keeping their price as low as it is.

        But the bottom line is, they gotta cut costs somewhere.  And I think they’ve picked a pretty darn good area to cut costs, if you consider the bulk of the target market for these two cameras.

        First of all, Canon and Nikon are smart, they know that the average “rising pro” or “advanced hobbyist” will only spend 1-3 years with a DSLR, then sell it.  Heck I know plenty of photographers who spend only 6-12 months with a camera before buying a new one!  We’re addicted to upgrading, and they know it.  So the lower shutter life cycle is totally understandable in my opinion.  It also explains the tactful leaving out of features, if you believe (for example) that they could have afforded to put in a better shutter.

        Second of all, they know that the majority of this market will care more about image quality and other things, than “obscure” specs like flash sync speed.  Yeah, I know that us advanced users care more about things like this, but honestly we’re just not the “bulk” of buyers, we’re simply the voice of the internet rumor-feeders.  We sound like the majority because we’re the loudest group on the internet, but just go hang out at your local Samy’s / Calumet for a day, and you’ll realize we are totally dwarfed by the REAL market.

        Besides, consider other factors-  Having trouble with your flash sync speed?  Slap on a polarizer or ND filter.  Problem solved, for the most part.  Canon knows that the average user just isn’t going to care about flash sync limits.  It is a compromise they’re making in order to keep costs down.  And production costs are something they’re already cutting corners on left and right, otherwise every camera from the factory would work flawlessly instead of needing to go back five times for calibration or whatever.  :-(  Personally, I’d rather pay a little more for my cameras if it could bring better quality control and customer service to the camera industry…


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    12. Adam Chandler

      Unless the image quality is a lot better than the 5D Mark II there’s no way I would buy this camera. 11 AF points???  1/180 sec sync speed???  Uhhhh, no thanks.

      | |
    13. Matthew K. Murphy

      1/180 sync???? What is happening with these cameras???

      | |
    14. ago

      a parer mio è solo una buffala 

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    15. JimmySchaefer

      Umm I’m not sure about this camera. I mean I don’t understand why people compare the Nikons to the Canons other then have something to talk about… Most people who buy a canon will stick with a canon cause of the lenses and they are so used to using their products… and same goes with Nikon owners/users… Its also not like a new consumer of DSLRs is gonna start out their career by dropping 2G’s on a camera to start out with.    

      | |
      • Rob Tannenbaum

        Fact is, if you really pay attention to the specs, Canon has been lagging behind in many important ways for YEARS now. As a Pro shooter, I would really have liked to see at least 1/200-second sync for the possibility of using this for studio applications. 1/200 has ben THE standard for years, so what benefit is 180? That’s a serious misstep.
        Canon lags behind nikon in low-light/high-iso sensitivity to noise ratio, also. 
        I’m a disappointed canon user and definitely thinking of switching…

        | |
      • 1KIND Photography

        Unfortunately, this isn’t geared towards Pro shooters. You have to remember this is an entry level for amateurs.

        | |
      • Matthew Saville

        Jimmy, switching is not that hard when you consider the resale value of your investments.  Even at a ~20% loss, you can still convert any sizeable Canon collection into a modest / decent Nikon collection.  I would say “and vice versa” that you can switch from Nikon to Canon just as easily, however at this point I can get two used D700’s for less than the price of a single 5D mk3.  And before you claim that the D700 competes more directly with the 5D mk2, let me point out that the D700’s autofocus, shooting speed, and low light image quality are much more on par with the 5D mk3.  In fact when it comes to dynamic range, none of the current Canon cameras can approach the D700, let alone the D800 and now probably the D600.

        But I’m not trying to start a fight here, just pointing out that yes, plenty of people switch, and they do so for very good reasons.  However, most of those who switch are either hard-working professionals who demand the absolute best in things like autofocus and dynamic range, OR they’re just money-out-their-ears hobbyists who buy *everything* and just sell what they end up not using…

        Personally, I think that Canon could have a huge winner in a “6D” if it had all of the above specs except much better AF, *AND* if they can fix their shadow noise / banding problems that currently plague all their cameras…  (Except the 1DX, which sounds promising…)


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    16. Andrew Fleming

      In my opinion, at this price, Canon already had an entry level FF body called the 5D Mark II. Other than Wifi and GPS, what is the benefit of this camera? What am I missing?

      | |
      • Joe Gunawan

        If anything, it’s an APS-C size full-frame. Other than that, I can’t imagine why someone would choose this over the D600. Great thing about Canon glass (especially L glass) is that you can sell them with minimal loss in value.
        We had one of our guys sell all his Canon gear for a Nikon D800, 24-70mm f/2.8, 70-200mm f/2.8, and 50mm f/1.4 prime.

         – Joe

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