Canon 6D or Nikon D600 GIVEAWAY!

November 13th 2012 7:00 PM

UPDATE: Winner has been announced! Congrats to Edward Shieh from New York, NY. Edward, we’ve sent you an email to let you know but please get in touch is that email somehow didn’t go through.

Thanks everyone! Remember, you can still join our other camera giveaways and other fun contest. Find our more here


Original Text

We’re doing it again! We’re giving away another camera! This time, we’re giving away a Canon 6D or a Nikon D600 (winner’s choice) with our two friends the F Stoppers and UNDFIND.

Winners will Receive

We’re also including some bonus goodies:

Enter Below by filling out the following form. All you have to do is “like” the companies involved and enter in your email address. Remember, you get 3 bonus entries for each person that signs up for the giveaway so share away! Both Domestic and International Contestants ARE allowed. Contest ends November 30th with winners announced the following week (just in time for Christmas!).

Here’s How to Enter

Our Motivation

Our last two camera giveaways have been tremendous. Here is a quote and image from the last winner, Jessica Peterson, who won a Nikon D600.

“Your generosity, has changed my life. I wish I could repay you in some way, but I doubt I ever could. I do know that you have inspired me to keep giving back. To pay it forward, and to help others. It’s not everyday that you can change someone’s life, and direct it in a beautiful course, but y’all have done that for me and my photography dream.”



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  1. 15
    Ed Rhodes

    congrats to the winner!

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  2. 1

    I would love to make it to a professional grade camera!

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  3. 1

    New Fan… awesome.. would love to win.. am a photographer

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  4. 1
    Raul Nunes

    Why is that all winners are from USA?…

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    Cornea Constantin Stelian

    Congrats to the winner and may he put it to great use:)

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  6. 1

    Where are the winners posted?

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    Danny Hutabarat

    its been almost a year since i lost my canon xs, hope this time i win.. 

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  8. 1

    awesome.thanks 4 the chance,

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  9. 1
    Raul Nunes

     Praying and fingers crossed!!! Maybe in 42 years I’ll win 1 giveaway..! :-)
    If not, may the one who deserves it best to be the lucky one!!

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  10. 1
    Guille Heslop Fernández

    Done, hope I win!!! It would be great :) good luck 

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  12. 1

    I entered the contest but Please don’t sell my email to spammers.

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    Ahsan Asghar

    I have entered and shared as well on FB. How do I see how many entries have I earned till now?  :)

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    Tim Bovey

    I need to replace my old old Yashica.

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  15. 1

    Pick me!  :D

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  16. 1
    Marcel K Bauer

    Man I really hope I win, really could use the camera, and the bonuses a mega prizes of themselves

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  17. 1
    Chesco Alaman

    done. Good luck to everybody!

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  18. 1
    Gracie Josephine D’Souza

    All done. I hope I can win. Would love to take this cam out for a spin when I go for the next wildlife safari (leopard spotting) at Bera in India.

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  20. 1
    Susan Strickland Moeller

    Thanks for the chance!!

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  21. 1
    Susan Strickland Moeller


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  22. 1

    So hoping for this!

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  23. 1

    I have been fantasizing about that camera (Canon 6D)ever since i saw it on the net and when through its preview. It would mean a great deal for me at this time of my life to own that camera.Thanks in anticipation,Sir Lin

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  24. 1

    I would love to be the owner of this “you beauty” camera ! 

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  25. 1

    Thank you for the oppurtunity!

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  26. 1
    randi cook

    Would love to win this one!  Love photography but don’t have a camera as great as this one is!

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  28. 1

    thanks for the camera!

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  29. 1
    Sharon Pitts

    Who wouldn’t love to have one these cuties under the Xmas tree!! I would love one.Can Santa
    deliver one to me??

    | |
  30. 1
    Sharon Pitts

    Who wouldn’t love to have one these cuties under the Xmas tree!! I would love one.Can Santa
    deliver one to me??

    | |
  31. 1
    Sharon Pitts

    Who wouldn’t want eithr one of these cameras? I sure would love to have one. It would make the
    nicest present ever.

    | |
  32. 1
    Sharon Pitts

    Who wouldn’t want eithr one of these cameras? I sure would love to have one. It would make the
    nicest present ever.

    | |
  33. 1

    Liked them all man, so excited for this competition. Love photography but never had the money to get a camera so would be an amazing gift. thanks for the competition guys and it will definitely make someone happy this christmas,

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  34. 1

    what I wouldn’t give to own a Nikon….sweet!

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  35. 1
    Jessica Castonguay

    I would love to win :D Thank you for this amazing giveaway :D

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  36. 1

    How many times can you enter?

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  37. 1
    Matchett M

    Cross the fingers.It would be nice to show photos when words seem to fail.Thanks for this possibility!

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  38. 1


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  39. 1
    LaVonda J.

    I pray I’m the winner!!

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  40. 1

    Thank you! Would love to win this camera.

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  41. 1

    I love the cameras ……….. Good Luck everyone who has entered.

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  42. 1

    Always been my dream to own one of these cameras

    | |
  43. 1

    Wow,Hope i win one of these two time machines.With either the Canon or the Nikon i could capture a moment in time to preserve forever,All Fingers Crossed.

    | |
  44. 1

    hope i’ll win Nikon D600

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  45. 1

    i want nikon D600 cool !!!

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  46. 1
    Jai Siva Kumar

    Absolutely love it ..hope my dream of getting first DSLR will come true through this contest ..i love to win NIKON D600 ..tnx and cheers guys 

    | |
  47. 1
    Jai Siva Kumar

    Absolutely love it ..hope my dream of getting my first DSLR will come true through this time by this contest..i love to win nikon D600 tnx and cheers guys  

    | |
  48. 1


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  49. 1


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  50. 1

    This is so awesome. Of course I’d share!! :)  Thanks for the opportunity!! 

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  51. 1

    Just entered…..I want the 6D if I win

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  52. 1
    Shayna Daily Insanity Craig

    Thank you for the awesome contest and chance to win !! Good luck to all  :)

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  53. 1
    Laura Vara

    Liked all of them… Thank you so much for the opportunity to win. Good luck everyone!
    laura.vara.96 (on facebook)

    | |
  54. 1
    Linda Davidson-Poplees

    thanks for a great contest

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  55. 1
    libby fisher

    done, nice

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  56. 1
    Cathy Muncy

    Thanks for this chance to win this awsome prize.

    | |
  57. 1
    Jennie Smith

    Love these cameras.

    | |
  58. 1
    Erica Amezcua

    Man, what an awesome prize….Gracias for the chance to win ….

    | |
  59. 1

    sign me up

    | |
  60. 1
    Hector X Monteroso

    I want a D600!! PLEASE!!

    | |
  61. 1

    I’ve tried again and when I kick on SLR Lounge like (which is already stated as Liked , I get to put in the comment and when it returns it has the liked ticked ok but when I enter my email address and press submit, I get asked to like SLR Lounge again. I am beginning to NOT like SLR Lounge.

    | |
    • 1

      Hi Ian:

      I’m not sure what is going on, but I’ll be sure to ask the app admin

      Sorry for your troubles

      | |
  62. 1
    Arya Ramesh

    Wish me Luck.  I can’t afford to buy my own camera because I am deaf and hard to find a job.  :o(
    i hope I win. that my dream come true.

    | |
  63. 1

    following on – I did get the like in Facebook 5 times and it changed to liked on this page. However it did not disappear as a precursor……..

    | |
  64. 1

    I tried but you made it impossible.
    I managed to like undefind and fstoppers but when I like SLR lounge I get it allowing me to post to facebook but it remains as a precursor to entering the competition with my email. I guess it was because I had already liked SLR Lounge previously.

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  65. 1

    It’s not loading for me right now. 500 server error :(

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  66. 1

    Wowza! I so hope and pray I’m the lucky winner. Keep up the great job.

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  67. 1

    I did it ! I hope the odds are in my favor.

    | |
  68. 1

    I keep hitting the “Enter” Button…an it keeps sending me to a “Web Page Expired” Link.
    Can anyone help?

    | |
  69. 1
    James Busse

    I’ve had a year at the Art Institute and a year shooting weddings for a Las Vegas company, but when I got out on my own, I got turned down for at least a dozen jobs because my camera is just a Canon Rebel T1i. I was always told the camera didn’t make the photographer and I think I’ve done some awesome work with my Rebel, but it doesn’t seem I’m going to move much forward without an upgrade.

    | |
  70. 1

    Hope I win!

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  71. 1

    So beautiful. Fingers & toes crossed!

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  72. 1
    Jessika Alvear

    This will be a great camera to use when I start my photography major next year. Thanks for the opportunity! 

    | |
  73. 1

    Super cool :)

    | |
  74. 1
    Raul Nunes

     I never won anything!!! :-(
    But I’ll surely keep trying!!!
    All done!!

    | |
  75. 1
    Carolyn Marshall

    Can someone point me to the page with the actual contest details such as when the drawing will be made and prizes awarded? I have shared quite a bit and others have shared from my page. Some are having problems with the links not working, or the link just takes them back to the SLR main page, or nothing happens at all. I promised I would post contest details on my page when I find out. Thanks!

    EDIT: I actually posted on my FB business page, but the signin will only let me post as my personal profile not business page. Not sure how to get around that.

    | |
  76. 1
    Vinu Jacob

    Done. Many thanks for this chance.

    | |
  77. 1

    Done :)

    | |
  78. 1
    Victoria Barton

    what a wonderful giveaway. thank you. I am really hoping I win. I am a stay at home mom and having a great camera to take excellent pictures of my one of a kind jewelry will help greatly. I really hope I win.

    | |
  79. 1
    Serendipity is Sweet

    You guys rock! Thanks for the chance to win. Also love hearing about the past winner :)

    | |
  80. 1

    Best Photography website!! awesome like everything you guys do. so much infomation thank you guys

    | |
  81. 1
    Randall Stephenson

    Please sir give me the more!!

    | |
  82. 1
    Jeremy Lawrence

    I still love Canon, though I’m not cannoners or what soever, anyway when will this winner decided?

    | |
  83. 1
    Rene Flores

    and done! thanks for this chance : D

    | |
  84. 1

    Super would love a D600

    | |
  85. 1

    Super Giveaway!!! Thanks for this chance.

    | |
  86. 1
    Chuck Jordan

    Done! Thanks so much!!!

    | |
  87. 1

     liked all that i could and glad for the opportunity to win…here is my email address:
    [email protected]:disqus.com
    Thanks again!

    | |
  88. 1
    Melinda Holden-Walters

    All done! Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

    | |
  89. 1
    Melinda Holden-Walters

    All done! Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

    | |
  90. 1
    Danielle Dunn

    Thanks for the opportunity! There are so many of us who could use a jump start into our dream!!

    | |
  91. 1
    Matt Goldsmith

    Do you have terms and conditions?

    | |
  92. 1
    Thomas Campbell

    Another great giveaway guys. :) 

    | |
  93. 1
    Thomas Campbell


    | |
  94. 1
    Doru M.

    The contest is open internationally or just for US residents? Thanx!

    | |
  95. 1

    What an amazing contest! You guys rock! Good luck everyone! :)

    | |
  96. 1
    Amy Fox

    How do I get to be the girl that holds the camera in the picture above? :)

    | |
  97. 1
    Ibrahim Husain

    Woohoo!  Looking forward to this!

    | |
  98. 1
    Christian Anthony Griffin

    Again another Awesome giveaway! I am feeling lucky this time!

    | |
  99. 1
    Tanmoy Db

    I hope i win, i am currently looking to get one Nikon.
    If i win this it would be legen………. wait for it………. dary.
    Legendary. :)

    | |
  100. 1
    Jeremy Lawrence

    Those camera is something that I wouldn’t be able to brought with my wage, now.. Canon 6D is pretty badass fullframe! I hope Somehow I can win this!

    | |
  101. 1
    Marcel K Bauer

    This is awesome, thank you so much and keep up the great work

    | |
  102. 1

    Entered ! Thanks :)
    Scott Herdling Photography (www.scottherdling.com)

    | |
  103. 1

    Thanks for all you do – Love reading and learning from everything that you share!

    | |