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Canon 6D Mk II Coming, But Not Before 5D Mk IV

By Anthony Thurston on April 21st 2015

The latest rumblings about Canon’s next entry level full frame DSLR have begun to surface. In a new report over on Canon Rumors, the rumor states that the next 6D series camera is on the way, but will not come before the 5D Mark IV.

Canon6D.jpg According to the Canon Rumors report, the 5D Mark IV is not expect to start shipping until early 2016, meaning that the 6D Mk II may not be announced or available until around this time next year.

In regards to info about the camera itself, the details are slim pickin’s. The next 6D is expected to be smaller and lighter than the current model, possibly even using some type new battery to help with the weight reduction (which means no LP-E6). The megapixels are expected to be higher, but no higher than 24MP, and the sensor will likely be unique to the 6D, just like the current model.

[REWIND: Canon Announces 50MP 5Ds and 5Dsr]

Personally, I am not sure the idea of moving to a new battery is a good idea unless it is shared by the 5D Mark IV. A nice selling point to the 6D was that it used the same batteries as your 5D, and 7D bodies, so you could easily share batteries between cameras.

It will be interesting to see what comes of this as the year goes on. Stay tuned, and we will keep you updated on the latest 6D Mk II rumblings.

What are your thoughts on these 6D rumors? Is 24MP  enough MP for you? What about this new battery nonsense? Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

[via Canon Rumors]

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  1. Colin Leonard

    Im looking to upgrade soon from the 7D so having the same battery would be perfect as I have 4 already, font want to start having extra spare and charger just for 1 camera, I am looking at the 5Dmkiii as the 6D just had the 1 crosstype focus piont, but the 6D2 may be an option now?? hmmmm depends whens its out tho

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  2. Suhaana Manhattan

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  3. Carla Evans

    I love my 6D, but this new information doesn’t really excite me. I want to see them use the 6D to compete with the D750. If they can do that, I might leave my dream of buying a 5D (3 or 4) behind and stick with the 6D series.

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  4. Sammie Saxon

    Rafael I was referring to the 7D (original), its obvious that they are different.

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  5. Sammie Saxon

    I upgraded to the 6D from the 7D and was a little disappointment in the focusing and the fps. The images are beyond expectation, I previously shot with a 5D MK III when I shot campaigns, but didn’t want to spend as much for a camera I travel with so the 6D was my go to camera. Other than the focusing and the fps its an amazing camera. The battery change is a bit iffy, since I have so many that fit in all the cameras I shoot with, 7D, 6D, 5d MK III, But if I upgrade from here it wont be another 6D, I think I will move towards the canon 5d r.

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    • Rafael Steffen

      Get the D1X if you need a super fast camera. A 7D MK II is a totally different camera than a 6D. There is no comparison. Two different categories.

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  6. Graham Curran

    I have a 6D and a 60D, they are about the same size so I wouldn’t be looking for a smaller 6D replacement and having the same battery is an absolute boon. The Wifi is useful in quickly getting pictures onto a tablet so I wouldn’t like to see that go. The main thing for me would be improved focusing and a tilting screen, I can certainly get by without a pop-up flash.

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  7. Dave Haynie

    A new battery would be a big incentive for me to stick with my current 6D. Really, the last thing I need is a new kind of photo battery. Between camcorders, DSLR, mirrorless, and P&S, I have seven different kinds of rechargeable battery… and that’s not even counting my wife’s Canon P&S. Panasonic did this same thing some years back… the high end consumer and lower-end pro models all used the same battery (the largest wouldn’t fit the consumer models, but that wasn’t a huge issue).

    And the size of the 6D is just dandy… it’s already within 10oz or so of the Sony A7II… how small does it need to be. Continuing that comparison, though, the 6D is rated for 1050 shots, the A7II for 270. While certainly Sony’s short life is due to being mirrorless (mirrorless actually need larger batteries but get smaller ones, either to make them lighter or to get you to buy an insanely overpriced battery grip to let a second one be used and get you back to a reasonable number of shots on a charge… but I digress), it’s still a real difference. I don’t need that.

    They could improve the AF sensor situation. While decades of film SLR use and Olympus OM-4 spot metering got me used to using the center spot, then moving to compose, they could have at least given the 6D the same all-cross array that the 60D had. That’s way more useful when you need that kind of thing, and still no threat to the half-zillion on the 5D mk III.

    Also, I’m not really looking for more pixels anymore. The main point of this camera is having gigantic pixels for low-light shooting. Lower noise and better DR is more useful than an extra 4Mp or whatever. But I guess you gotta creep the features where you can.

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  8. Paddy McDougall

    My prediction will be that it will

    Be smaller and lighter though not massively so
    It will be in competition with the likes of the A7 rather than the nikon equivalent d750 so as not to canabilise the 5d mk IV sales.
    They will change the battery*
    Slightly better auto focus but not better than the 7d mkii or new 5d
    No 4k
    Dual sd not cf due to size
    New processor
    Slight increase in DR but nothing to shout about
    They will drop the wifi and keep gps much to everyone’s disappointment

    It will be incremental rather than innovative.

    What I would like to see but won’t get

    Better autofocus
    Better DR
    100% viewfinder
    Less clunky wifi

    The 6d is a great camera, at its current price point, it just needs a few tweaks

    *changing the battery is a terrible idea.

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    • Dustin Baugh

      I agree about it bein incremental rather than innovative. It seems the more innovative features come out on the big bodies and trickly down. I bet they will trickle down some better AF but other than a token weight reduction there will be nothing else worth making waves about.

      But fingers crossed on improved DR from the sensor.

      | |
  9. Uncle Bob

    I really love the 6d. Between myself and my shooting partner we own 3 of them but this announcement sure doesn’t have much to be excited about. I believe the original CR article states definitively that there would be no articulating LCD which I was kind of hoping for. A new battery would be a PITA to deal with as well. A new sensor is nice but it’s not like the current sensor is begging for an upgrade.

    To make it worth it for me Canon would have to overhaul the AF system and perhaps add dual card slots. I’m sure we’ll get some meatier details soon and hopefully they’ll be more promising than what we’ve got so far.

    | |
    • adam sanford

      The entry FF market is spectacularly fragmented. CR Forums are running riot with all sort of conflicting wants with a future 6D2 — some want it smaller/lighter, others want it ‘more pro’, others want dual cards or articulating screens, and others yet have hyper-specific left field wants.

      First and foremost, Canon needs to decide if this is just a 6D refresh with a slightly upgraded AF system and a 1/2 stop better low light or if it’s a real step forward to compete with the D750 and offer a mid-level FF rig (that Canon does not currently offer). We shall see.

      | |
    • Uncle Bob

      Judging by the new high megapixel 5ds releases it almost seems like Canon wants the 5d4 to be the middle-level full frame and the “smaller” 6d2 with no new exciting features to be like a quasi-full frame rebel.

      I’ve always thought it was ridiculous when people switched systems just for a camera body when glass is what counts the most and which company has the best new camera body tends to be cyclical, but the d750 literally has every option I’ve ever wanted in a camera body and it sure is tempting me.

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  10. adam sanford

    The big question with the 6D2 is if it will move up-market and pull a D750 with a more comprehensive set of features and come in around $2000-$2200, or if it will stay the ‘budget/entry’ FF option around $1400-1600.

    If it’s the former, a comprehensive AF upgrade to the 6D1 is required. That’s a must.

    If it’s the latter, there had better be a pop-up flash. Nothing says “we did everything we could to minimize the burden of moving to FF” worse than ‘Some Accessories Required’.

    | |
  11. adam sanford

    New battery is a terrible idea. Everyone uses that LP-E6 and many folks buy the 6D line as a second FF rig for events — needing a separate battery and charger to save an ounce *on an SLR with lenses over a pound in weight attached* seems foolish.

    | |
    • Rafael Steffen

      Yes they should keep the batteries. Nikon was able to make new cameras with the same Battery.

      | |
  12. Ed Rhodes

    hopefully it will have more than 1 cross-type autofocus point as well

    | |
  13. Michael Burnham

    A FF 24 megapixel body would be enough for me. I would rather Canon work more on improving the dynamic range of the sensor than just adding more pixels. Changing the battery to a different size would be a mistake unless there will be other bodies introduced next year that have the same new battery. Having the 6D, 7Ds, 60D and 70D using the same battery has been a great feature of these cameras and makes battery management a whole lot easier.

    | |
    • Rafael Steffen

      For more dynamic range you should go with the D750. Nothing beats that camera for that price range.

      | |
    • Thomas Horton

      Requiring people to keep multiple batteries and to use multiple chargers is a significant disadvantage that needs to be off-set by an equally significant advantage. I am not appreciating the advantage here.

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