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Canon 6D Kit – $1537 Off! | Two Phenomenal Cyber Monday Deals You Should Know About!

By Anthony Thurston on December 1st 2014

Cyber Monday is here, and it is the better version of Black Friday if you ask me. No waiting in crazy lines, or getting trampled over for a deal on that awesome blender. No, today we can sit at our desks, drink our coffee, and buy to our heart’s content… pure bliss.

Today, I have two really phenomenal deals for you that you have probably not heard about yet.

1. Canon 6D Kit – $1537 of total savings


B&H is currently offering an absolutely crazy deal on a Canon 6D Kit, which includes a printer, photo paper, and JpegMini. Normally priced at $2799, this deal is currently available for a crazy $1537 worth of savings! Right off the bat you get $887.20 in Instant Savings, and then you get another $650 mail-in rebate, bringing your final price on this incredible kit down to just $1249.

An amazing deal on the 6D by itself, but with the extras, it is practically a no brainer. If you are interested, you can find the details and get your order in here.

2. Nikon Coolpix A – $600 Savings

coolpix-aThe Nikon Coolpix A is an APS-C compact camera that fits in your pocket, but shoots stills with a quality similar to your DX Nikon DSLR. Normally, this compact runs for $1,100, but for today, B&H is selling the Coolpix A for a crazy $600 off, bringing your total to $499 at checkout!

This is another amazing deal, and one that I would jump on quickly if interested, as this one is only available while supplies last (or until 11:59pm EST tonight).


Don’t forget about the Black Friday-Cyber Monday savings on our SLR Lounge workshops and Presets; get 25% off or 33% off depending on your order total. Our Lightroom Preset System in particular almost never goes on sale, so if you don’t have the latest version yet, now is a great time to get on that! You can find all of our products over in our store!

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Anthony Thurston is a photographer based in the Salem, Oregon area specializing in Boudoir. He recently started a new project, Fiercely Boudoir to help support the growing boudoir community. Find him over on Instagram. You may also connect with him via Email.

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  1. Rafael Steffen

    That would be great to see some discounts for the 70-200mm.

    | |
  2. Michael Giordano

    Do you guys think Canon is going to do any major lens deals this December? I remember last year they had the 70-200 for $1800.

    | |
  3. Michael Giordano

    6D deal is already discontinued.

    | |
    • Bill Bentley

      Yup. They showed it as “More Coming” for a while, but I guess not. I was debating about it, but I think there are more goodies coming in 2015 that I am happy to wait for. I’m sure something like this will pop up again once the new models are announced.

      | |
    • Bill Bentley

      I just called Adorama to see if maybe they still had some bundles left, and they did. So if anyone is reading this and is still interested, then I would call them.

      | |
  4. Kim Farrelly

    Gadzooks! That’s some price for a 6D sometimes I wished I lived in the USA.

    | |
  5. Greg Silver

    Wow that 6D sounds enticing!!! Great find!

    | |