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Gear Rumors

Canon 5Ds & 5Dr Specs Leak Ahead of Announcement Next Week

By Anthony Thurston on January 30th 2015

We have been talking about this camera a lot lately. First, it was the original rumor, then the bit about Sony and Canon teaming up, and now, we have the good stuff, leaked specs for both the 5DS and 5Dr.


These specs come to us by way of Photo Rumors, but they are also posted on both Canon Watch and Canon Rumors, and they may surprise you. Take a look below.

Rumored Canon 5DS/5Dr Specs

  • 50.6MP full frame CMOS sensor
  • There will be also a EOS 5DS R version that will be without low-pass filter
  • Magnesium alloy body, dust and water sealed
  • Dual processor DIGIC6
  • Regular sensitivity: ISO 100-6400
  • Continuous shooting 5 frames / sec.
  • High precision 61 AF points
  • EOS iTR AF
  • 150,000 pixel RGB + IR photometry sensor
  • New “fine detail” picture style
  • 1.3x and 1.6x crop modes
  • Customizable “Quick Control Screen”
  • Time-lapse movie
  • Interval Timer
  • Bulb timer

So there you have it. The specs are interesting, to say the least. Probably one of the most  interesting things has to be the ISO range; many of you will likely wonder why they would stop at 6400 for a native ISO.

It probably comes down to sensor noise. The pixel density on a 50MP full frame sensor is roughly the same as that of a 20MP APS-C sensor, so the sensor noise could be similar.

Canon-EOS-6D-SensorAlso of note is the 1.3 and 1.6 crop modes, which when I was a Canon user was something I really wanted. If done right, it basically gives you 3 cameras in one, and it’s a huge advantage when you can use it vs carrying another body or two around.

Overall, I think that these look like some pretty solid cameras. It will be interesting to see how accurate these specs are and what price point Canon brings them in at. I feel like Canon shooters will be happy with these bodies, but the big test will be the DR of that sensor.

I want to know what you all think! Is that the rumored Sony/Canon combined sensor we heard about? Will the camera be clean up to 6400 ISO? What feature stands out to you the most? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

[via Photo Rumors]

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Anthony Thurston is a photographer based in the Salem, Oregon area specializing in Boudoir. He recently started a new project, Fiercely Boudoir to help support the growing boudoir community. Find him over on Instagram. You may also connect with him via Email.

Q&A Discussions

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  1. Riley Johnson

    Although I shoot Nikon, this is a very interesting rumor. I’m a bit of a MP junky because I like to zoom in and effectively paint and photoshop a ton on my landscape photos. I’m sure the RAW files are going to be extremely large, but for those that “need” this, I’m sure they will be happy. I’m all for the MP race that these upgrades produce because it means better technology, but I would also love to see the development in other areas (or maybe more focus on vocalizing changes to other areas).

    | |
  2. Anders Madsen

    Three things will be very interesting to see once this beast hits the shelves: Did Canon finally improve the dynamic range of their sensor to a level that can actually compete with systems based on Sony sensors, will the increased sensor resolution be visible in the real world, and how are they going to price this camera?`

    When I moved to Nikon from Canon about a year ago, I bought into the Nikon system through the D610 with the intention of eventually use it as a backup for a D800 (now I would go for D810), but I quickly realized two things:

    Coming from a 16 MP Canon 1Ds Mark II with L-series zooms to a 24 MP Nikon D610 with enthusiast class primes suddenly provided me with more actual resolution than I had ever thought possible from a relatively modest increase in sensor resolution. Yes, the D810 is still on the wish list, but only if a customer actually requires the resolution and is willing to commit some serious orders to it.

    Knowing that the 1Ds Mark II was originally a very, very good camera, I was completely unprepared for the massive increase in dynamic range that I found in the files from the D610. Even now, I still marvel at the details a well processed file in Capture One can give me in both the brightest highlights and the darkest shadows – it’s really incredible.

    For those reasons, the new 5D will navigate some very difficult waters: If the resolution has been increased without the lenses to back it up, and without the dynamic range of the competition, users may not be ready to pay the premium that Canon usually commands of the higher end models, especially in the first year after the introduction.

    Also, while professional photographers often has a better chance of paying premium prices for having the edge over the competition, even they have their limits, and having to replace large parts of an L-series list of lenses will be a very expensive upgrade path indeed.

    On the other hand, if tests shows marked resolution improvements with common existing lenses, if dynamic range is finally back on par with other modern systems and if the camera is priced around the same levels as Nikon D810, Canon may be able to get back in the game for real, and put some pressure back on the competition. We have interesting times ahead…

    | |
    • Dominique Julian

      I agree.
      without improve of DR, i’m forced to switch on Nikon.
      prefer increase of low light but we have to wait and see Raw products before buy.

      | |
  3. Gurmit Saini

    Well megapixel never excites me and happy with my D800 which does brilliant job! But it might be useful for some.

    | |
  4. Basit Zargar

    Good article.

    | |
  5. David Blanchard

    This article brought to you by the happy folks at Seagate and Western Digital :-)

    | |
    • jozef povazan

      Computer giants like Apple and Microsoft will gain as well from this… the Tiff from this thing will be like 150MB per file.. long sleepless nights for those processors to batch this from a wedding shoot… hm who would consider this for weddings..? none :) studio guys must be jumping high so hopefully it holds good for them… Happy D750 + D3s shooter :)

      | |
  6. Ben Perrin

    Take this with a truck load of salt. These pre-release specs are pretty much always wrong. Good for some debate, but that’s about it.

    | |
  7. Orlin Nikolov

    It’s getting insane again… 50MP…

    | |
  8. Connor Katz

    It will be interesting to see how many of their lenses hold up at that resolution.

    | |
  9. Ian Norman

    ‘1.6x crop mode’ reads like: 1.6x digital zoom to me… Unless they managed to fit a smaller mirror in this to fit Canon EF-S lenses, I don’t see the point of a crop mode.

    | |
    • Christian Flamm

      Agreed, what’s the point of these crop modes if I can’t put crop lenses on?

      | |
    • Ian Norman

      Yes, granted, there are some non-Canon branded crop lenses that will mount (a lot of Sigmas for example) so it would feel more functional in that respect. I’m wondering if this crop mode has any indication in the optical viewfinder because if it doesn’t it would be rather difficult to gauge the crop….

      | |
    • Dave Haynie

      I figure the crop mode basically is a digutal zoom. Not intended for use with EF-S lrnses, just offering the in-camera ability to crop, since you sould have a perfectly usable 30Mpixels with the 1.6x crop. Less storage needed, but that’s cheap, but certaonly more shots in the buffer and probably faster shooting.

      | |
    • Scott Pacaldo

      except for the digital zoom(how would it be a digital zoom?) I agree with Dave. and I’ll add that the crop mode will maybe a favorite for sports and wildlife photographers. I also can’t imagine someone using an ef-s lens with this high end body xD if someone purchase this body he will most likely already have or bought those L lenses anyway. and with those tele L lenses, those crop modes will be a feat esp for wildlife and sports photogs. I wondering though how it will achieve a crop mode. will there be shutter-like blades that cover the sides of the full frame sensor to somehow shrink it to a 1.6 aps-c sized one? that would be a cool and welcome feature though

      | |
  10. John Cavan

    Well, 50 mp will give you a lot of elbow room, but I feel that the real challenge is going to be noise. I find Canon sensors noisy as it is and this is a pretty dense sensor. I think the 6400 ISO ceiling is probably likely and probably about where the noise levels start to get rough.

    Having said that, they may surprise. It’s become clear that the earlier challenges of yield for large sensor in the manufacturing process has basically gone away and the cost/risk of producing them is no longer a factor. Now, you’re only problem is handling it during processing… My D800 puts enough strain and this is nearly half-again as much information.

    | |
    • Holger Foysi

      Not only noise, but focus accuracy. Most lenses need fine-tuning. It works pretty good, but you get a larger variance compared to contrast detect AF (with newer lenses you get close, though). But now using 50MP you need to be more accurate to make use of the resolution. Shutter speeds need to be higher to prevent shake (most primes don’t have VR). Maybe Canon couples it with CAF on sensor in a final step after using the PDAF?

      | |
  11. Greg Silver

    Seems you’re sacrificing a lot for 50MP sensor (i.e. lower ISO and mid-level fps) and I’m wondering if they’ll include any other wireless features (WIFI, NFC, GPS)?

    | |
  12. Gareth Roughley

    This all looks very promising but i’m wondering what benefit is there to having the option of a low pass filter?

    | |
    • Ian Norman

      The benefit to having a low pass filter is the reduction of moiré, a priority especially for video enthusiasts but also relevant when shooting stills of finely patterned surfaces such as textiles (clothing) etc.

      | |
  13. Aleksander Michaud

    To me, this is extremely exciting. I’m primarily a studio shooter, and this has a lot of what I’ve been looking for in a camera from Canon for a long, long time.

    What they’ve been focusing on recently (primarily low light and how ISO capability, Video features, speed shooting) really doesn’t do me any good what-so-ever. I shoot almost exclusively at ISO 100, with strobes, in a controlled environment, so what do I care about ISO 12,000+, 10 fps, or dual pixel AF.

    Plus, the D810 has had me really considering a move to Nikon but the logistics has seemed like a nightmare (selling gear at a loss, re-investing in new system and glass). IF Canon can get even close to the DR offered in the D810 this is a must have for this year. Can’t wait to see some example images/RAW files.

    | |
  14. Vince Arredondo

    Wow… 50mp it will be interesting if these specs are true…

    | |
  15. Kim Farrelly

    Wow, 50 MPX and a native high ISO of 6400. Now where have I heard that before….
    Oh yes, IQ250. Will the Sonon sensor be 44X33 in the new 5D I wonder, probably not. Still lots of good in the spec aside all that. Duel D6’s and stronger/better/faster AF a good move. Interesting to see if the noise levels are not just kept down but greatly improved at any native ISO. They really need that for it to work as no doubt it will attain a new level of insanity pricing as usual.

    | |
    • Stan Rogers

      …and the ‘Blad 50c. I somehow doubt it means quite the same thing; PhaseOne and Hasselblad made 6400 the artificial cutoff on the Sony MF sensor because it still looks clean, deep and gorgeous at 6400, while Pentax shows us that the same sensor isn’t exactly in emergency spy mode yet at 25600 (it just might not be quite good enough pre-processed if you have some idiot art director on set doing pixel-peeping capture reviews remotely using the facility that’s built into Phocus or Capture One). The thing is, though, that even if they only manage to get about the same per-pixel noise levels out of this sensor as they do from the 7Dii (which isn’t horrible), the perceivable noise at image level in either full-screen on APS-H modes will go way, way down. And there’s always the faint hope that people will finally realise that looking at the equivalent of a 60″ x 90″/150cm x 275cm print from 18″/45cm away is just a tiny bit silly.

      | |
  16. Holger Foysi

    Although this is an interesting camera to see (I applaud Canon for that), I personally can’t find myself making use of this high MP. My 36MP D810 provides plenty of resolution and DR for all my wife clients, most of the time even too much. Shooting discipline needs to be high, unless a pixel binning sRaw mode is provided. Not using the best glass with a sensor like this would make me feel bad, too. Instead of buying a camera like this (I could see it in the 4000-5000$ range), I would go with a D4s instead, for our style of shooting. Diffraction sets in beyond 5.6 already and lenses need to have extremely low CA wide open to make use of the resolution (otherwise details are just oversampled by the sensor). For landscapers it could be a nice camera, though, but I usually achieve high MP via stitching images easily.

    | |
  17. Jean-Francois Perreault

    CW updated the specs and stipulates that the sensor is “made by Canon”.
    Still don’t know what “made” means. Manufactured by Canon but engineered by Sony or a Canon-only sensor?

    Some troll on CR forum said he invented the whole Canon-Sony partnership rumor. Trolls are trolls….

    Really looking forward to seeing the improvements on DR!

    | |