Hey, camera geeks, do you have $4300 laying around?Want to own the Canon 5D mk3 and/or make a little $$$?Here’s a little trick:Buy the hottest new camera, but in a kit with a lens, and “flip” the camera / lens!

This seems to happen every time a new high-end, highly anticipated camera comes out.The “body-only” is out of stock for months, sometimes off and on for over a YEAR.Usually this happens more with Nikon than Canon, since Canon is a much larger corporation and can probably adjust production speed easier.But I digress.The bottom line is that if you’ve got a little EXTRA cash, (compared to the “mere” $3500 that the 5D mk3 body-only costs) …you could make a little side-cash, or at the very least, get a 5D mk3 WAY sooner than all your silly wait-listed friends.


Step One:Click HERE to buy the 5D mk3 in a kit with the 24-105 f/4 L IS.

Step Two:Note that ALONE, the 24-105 f/4 L IS costs $1150 on B&H and around $1000 from various Amazon sellers.

Step Three:Do some basic math…$4300 – $3500 = $800 for a $1000-$1150 lens.(Or, you could see it as getting the 5D mk3 for LESS than $3500!)

Step Four:Head to your favorite private-party buy-and-sell community, such as Fred Miranda, DGrin, Ebay, Craigslist, etc, and HOPEFULLY sell it for $100-$300 profit, or at LEAST break even.

Step Five:Enjoy the 5D mk3!!!!(You wouldn’t sell it too, would you?Heavens no!


BTW, DPReview.com has just posted their 5D mk3 preview, with both RAW and JPG sample tests against the Nikon D800.As usual, the results are WOW-ing in one way or another, depending on what you shoot.Although they ONLY “wow” in a general way, they actually are NOT very far ahead of the Nikon D800!Yes, that’s right ladies and gentlemen,the D800 holds it’s own up to ISO 3200, 6400, and even a little bit at 12800 against the 5D mk3.Mighty impressive!Both Canon and Nikon have made incredible leaps forward, albeit in *slightly* different directions, but still incredible leaps forward.


Alright, this has been your weekly CameraTalk GEEK tip!Happy clicking,

PS:Since I always get comments from people saying “Nice try, but you’re too late, it’s NOT in stock!” …here’s a screenshot taken just seconds ago: