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Canon 5D mk3 Feature: Instant 1:1 Image Playback Zoom?

By Matthew Saville on March 16th 2012

You know that phrase, “grinning from ear to ear”?That’s me.Right now.Because of page 252 of the Canon 5D Mk3 owner’s manual.Party like it’s 2003, Canon!(And thank you, tipster Jon Yoder for scouring the 5D mk3 manual for this feature!)

Yes, that’s right, you now have the ability to zoom in to 1:1 playback, even if your focus point is off-center, with ONE click.Okay, maybe two clicks, if Canon still hasn’t gotten past their inability to allow zooming during image instant playback, and instead only if you hit the “play” button first.Another feature I’ve been enjoying on Nikon since, um, 2004.

Sorry if I sound like I’m rubbing in the fact that I’ve had these features for years on my Nikons.The truth is, I’m just jealous.Because now there is practically ZERO reason for me to choose Nikon over Canon.Then again, there’s very few reasons for me to decide the other way around.Except for the fact that Canon’s newest camera has amazing ISO performance and an sRAW mode at around 11 megapixels, while Nikon’s newest (affordable) camera has nothing but megapixels, and no sRAW mode, just DX crop mode.

So, good job Canon.You have almost completely leveled the playing field in my opinion.At the very least, I can now keep a straight face when I tell people that they can freely choose between either brand.Heck, I’ll probably just recommend Canon and call it a day.

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  3. Jon Yoder

    Also check out the fine print on page 251. :) Great stuff!
    “The image can be magnified also during the image review immediately after shooting.”

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