James Miller Canon 5d MK3 No AA

Unless this is some very elaborate April Fool’s joke, what you are looking is a deconstructed Canon 5D mkIII with its top optical low-pass filter removed. Thanks as always to EOSHD.com for finding this on James Miller’s Twitter. It seems that Canon has put two strong optical low-pass filters in the Mk3 in order to suppress moire and aliasing at the expense of sharpness. The top filter, James said, can be easily removed, but the second filter is attached to the cleaning unit of the sensor.
WARNING: Before you try to do this to your own camera, just remember that this WILL VOID your warranty!

James has also created a video demonstrating how an HD video created by the mk3 looks like after removing the filter. It definitely looks better and almost on par with the Nikon D800, Canon C300, and the Panasonic GH2:

Vimeo: Canon 5D mkIII Optical Low Pass Filter

EOSHD also got a hold of the before video and made a comparative screen grab that clearly show an improvement in sharpness. There doesn’t seem to be any sign of moire and little aliasing, thankfully.

5d markiii screen grab no filter

So while this is a promising example of what Canon’s mk3 sensor can reallu do, it also shows that Canon deliberately over-softened its photos and movies in order to control moire and aliasing. So what do you guys think? Would you want a weaker or omitted low-pass filter option just like Nikon’s 800E at the expense of moire and aliasing?


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