Canon 5D Mk2, Sigma 50 f/1.4, hand-held at 1/30 sec. & ISO 1600
Winter 2010 - Lake Wales, FL

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EDIT:Well, the frenzy is over, people.The price on the 5D mk2 has gone BACK UP to just above $2,000 from most retailers.The only place that still lists the 5D mk2 is here: Still, even though the 5D mk2 price has gone up by $100 or so, the implications of this article are still relevant. We’ll probably see a 5D mk3 in early 2012, and it will probably rock.Okay, here’s the article that was previously written at the time when the 5D mk2 price went down!

Today is a historic day for Canon. As far as I know, they have NEVER priced a full-frame camera body at under $2,000, new.

Of course, Sony has had their A850 out for a year or two now, and it *started* at $1999, a year or so ago.But I mean, it’s a Sony, right? Okay I’m joking; Sony’s A850 is actually a great camera for any hobbyist, in fact it’s probably one of the best.The body is more like a Canon Rebel with a full-frame, 24 megapixel sensor….But how many Canon users wouldn’t LOVE to have that camera as an option?Okay back to the point.This is a historic day for Canon.

…Unless, of course, the 5D mk1 was priced at $1999 juuuuust before it was discontinued, which was probably just AFTER the 5D mk2 announcement.But I can’t recall exactly what the 5D mk1 sold for at that time, so I’m gonna stick with the historic moment bit.

But that brings me to the most exciting part of this bit of news-If the 5D mk1 ever DID sell new for under $2000, it was right at the very END of the camera’s life cycle, and AFTER the 5D mk2 was announced.Which implies of course that we’re just a few months away from hearing about the 5D mk3!

Of course the rumors have already been flying, but events like this are what give us a solid sign that a new camera is just around the corner.

For all you indecisive people out there, I’m sorry I just ruined your day!Buy an amazingly affordable 5D mk2 now?Or wait for the potentially greatly improved mk3?It really just depends what you need out of the camera.As a landscape / nature (or fine art, or architectural) photographer, I can’t imagine NOT being 100% happy with a 5D mk2, even if it does get replaced in 2012.However if you shoot action, or candids, and especially at super-shallow apertures, then you’re definitely going to feel a bit restricted when it comes to focusing and speed.Unless you have a TON of professional work to shoot in the next few months, or unless you have a serious budget limitation of $2K (and $~3K is just out of the question) …then I would wait and see what Canon does in the next ~6 months.

Unfortunately the latest 5D mk3 rumor did say something along the lines of “no better than 7D autofocus”, but hey, it’s just a rumor!Here’s to hoping that 2012 brings you some amazing images, whichever camera you’re using.:-)

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(Get the 5D mk2 from Amazon, or B&H, or Adorama.)