Just like clockwork, after Nikon recently dropped the price of the D700 to $2199, Canon has followed suit with a $2199 5D mk2 price.Not as low as when it was $1999 around the time of New Years Eve, but this time the price isn’t going back up!

To celebrate the new price, Adorama is having a limited-time sale that adds $600 worth of extras, …for the same $2199 price!

Click HERE to get the best deal EVER on a 5D mk2!

Unfortunately, you might miss this sale if you’re not quick on your feet.It’s already Sunday afternoon, and if you have a daily subscription email, you might not see this until tomorrow.:-(Fear not!The 5D mk2 is still $2199, just without all the extras.Click HERE to get the 5D mk2 for $2199 from Adorama, or click HERE if you prefer to get the 5D mk2 for $2199 from B&H.Last but not least, click HERE to get the 5D mk2 and the 24-105 f/4 L IS for just $2999, or HERE for B&H.

Sure, the new Canon 5D mk3 and Nikon D800 are awesome, but they’re going to cost a LOT more for quite a few years, and if you’re sure that a 5D mk2 (or D700) is what you want / all you really need, then there has never been a better time to buy…

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Canon 5D mk2, Canon 16-35 mk2, Manfrotto 190X Tripod