If you didn’t get around to jumping on the Canon 5D mk2 back when the price dropped to $1800, now is your chance to get one for just $1700!  I would say “you better move fast!” but hey, maybe Canon has a giant warehouse of stockpiled 5D mk2’s just laying around, and that’s why they’re trying so hard to get rid of them?  Or, this could indeed be the last few units in stock before the camera is discontinued forever.  I dunno, but there is very little chance that the 5D mk2 will get much cheaper considering that the 6D is right around the corner and will debut at $2100.

Click HERE to buy the Canon 5D mk2 for $1699!


If you’re looking for a slightly more powerful camera that can handle more action shooting, the 5D mk3 has also just dropped in price by over $200, it is now just $3200.  Considering how new the 5D mk3 is, I doubt the price will be dropping any lower any time soon, however keep an eye out for rebates and such.

Click HERE to buy the Canon 5D mk2 for $1699


Here at SLR Lounge we’re very excited to test the new 6D as soon as we get ours, however we also love our trusty 5D mk2’s.  In most conditions they are amazing performers that deliver stunning images.  If you’re into landscapes or general photography, at $1700 you just can’t go wrong.  That’s hundreds less than I paid for my last crop-sensor body in 2007!  My, the times are changing.

So, what are you gonna do Canon shooters?  5D mk2?  5D mk3?  Or wait to see how the 6D turns out?  Jump ship to a Nikon?  :-P

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