There’s always a lot of noise surrounding the release of a new camera, and when a follow-up to one of the most vaunted and broadly adopted DSLRs from Canon is released, it’s deafening. Canon could hardly have hoped to have had a better reception for the release of the 5D Mark IV, as even amidst the critiques the overwhelming early words are all positive. For that they can largely thank their engineering labs for coming up with teach that allows one to post process focal points and not be limited like Lytro, and then their marketing departments for coining such a hashtag worthy term to it, Dual Pixel Raw.

Dual Pixel Raw sounds great, and for some will be a huge boon for their work. On the 5D IV it serves 3 adjustment functions: Image Micro-adjustment after shooting, Bokeh Shift, and Ghosting Reduction. Image micro adjustment allows for refining a focal point in post processing; bokeh shift seems to allow some manner of defocus control, and Ghosting Reduction is self-explanatory.


The thing to keep in mind though, is that in order to actually do any of this requires the use of the Dual Pixel Raw Optimizer found in the Digital Photo Professional Software v4.5, which does come with the camera, but you won’t be able to do these corrections inside the more prominent software at this point.

This is the crux of it all, that you need to use Canon software. This would be fine, should anyone ever want to use it, but no one does really, because everyone uses Lightroom and Photoshop and Capture One and so on. So the idea of having to move files between your primary software and then Canon’s would be a pain, but perhaps not for long.


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Stephen Shankland at CNET reportedly spoke with Adobe spokesman Roman Skuratovskiy, who informed him Adobe is already working on updating their photo suite of applications to be able to take advantage and use Dual Pixel Raw. Given that most of the photo world uses Adobe software, it would almost seem that for Dual Pixel Raw to succeed (you can link that to 5D IV sales too) this would have to happen, and happen fast. It wouldn’t be a stretch to think that Canon is lending every possible hand and resource to Adobe in an effort to get this update ready as soon as possible. Luckily, given Adobe’s Cloud plans, one would imagine that as soon as it’s ready they could shoot the update out to everyone. Do we have a date yet? No, but we’ll reach out to Adobe this week to see what further information we can get.

For how many of you would it stop you from buying a 5D Mark IV if you could only use Dual Pixel Raw with Canon’s software for the next 6 months to a year?

Source: CNET