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Canon 5D Mar II & III RAW DNG Footage Range nearly matches Black Magic and Red Epic

By Anthony Thurston on April 27th 2013

The Team behind Magic Lantern recently announced that they discovered a hidden 2K RAW DNG setting in live view on the 5D Mark II and 5D Mark III. The guys at Neumann Films have been experimenting with the files that they could pull from the feed and have discovered that the dynamic range of these files is close to that of the Black Magic Cinema Camera and the Red Epic. This is HUGE news, even though only 28 frames can be taken at a time at around 14fps.

If the team at Magic Lantern can get the feed to work at 24p like as most people shoot then this could be a major coup for independent filmmakers who are looking to get 2K quality without the price tag. I can see card write speeds, camera buffer, and overheating being big hurdles for Magic Lantern to jump, but just think if they can do it…

Check out the video showing the differences between the H264 and the RAW output that this is putting out.

Keep watching SLR Lounge for more news as this develops over time. I am watching this very closely because I agree with the video that this could very well be the biggest thing that Magic Lantern has ever done. I mean can you imagine being able to essentially shoot 2K raw video with your 5D II or III? That would be crazy!

What do you guys think? Can Magic Lantern can pull it off?

[via Phoblographer via EOSHD via Magic Lantern]

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  1. cedric

    IF they manage to make it 24p, the 5d is way better an option that the blackmagic.
    I love the BMC, but let’s face it, the sensitivity and the crop factor suck… and I’m not a big fan of SSD recording either.

    | |
    • Rob

      Low light sensitivity and crop, yeah, but SSD recording is there for a reason: 12-bit uncompressed DNG sequences take a shitload of space. While this is promising, it’ll still be 8-bit no matter what, and that makes a huge difference in dynamic range.

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    • Kevin Smith

      The ML DNG files are 14-bit, not 8. Dynamic range is a product of the channel precision, not the color space/subsampling.

      | |
    • BDWT

      I agree but for one sole reason, the 5D has a replaceable battery. Which quite honestly is a huge deal for me. Sure there’s third party solutions for the Black Magic power source but they all make your rig bigger and more inconvenient, quite frankly I don’t know what they’re thinking, their smaller pocket camera has interchangeable batteries!

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