Unless you have been under a rock for the last few weeks you should no doubt know by now that ML has enabled RAW video on the 5D III. I just came across this great video test put together by Dave Dugdale in which he compares the 5D III’s standard h.264 file with the Magic Lantern RAW output file.

Before I talk about it more go ahead and watch the video for yourself.

Did you notice much difference? I didn’t at first, but after looking more closely I feel like there is more detail and sharper detail in the RAW footage. I like the color better from the RAW footage as well, the h.264 footage seems like there may be a bit more red in his skin than in the RAW footage.

What do you think, is the ML footage worth it? Obviously this is a very limited test, but in my mind the RAW footage doesn’t blow the h.264 out of the water, the h.264 is still very good. The RAW is just a bit better, in my opinion at least. Let us know what you think with a comment below.