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Canon 24-70 f/2.8 L mk1 VS mk2 Portraiture Comparison – Follow Up

By Matthew Saville on December 20th 2012

Our recent Canon 24-70 mk1  VS mk2 test received quite a bit of commentary, with plenty of good questions and also a few accusations that the results were doctored.  So, we thought we would do a quick follow-up video just to give a little bit more information on our testing methods, and our overall philosophy and approach to equipment testing and reviewing.

Click HERE to read the previous article, complete with sample images and 100% crops.

Here is the follow-up video:


At the end of the day, we’re just here to publish what we find. We do not get paid to push a product, and we’re quick to criticize even our own favorite brands.  Because there is always room for improvement!  You can trust us to never intentionally hide or alter any facts or findings, nor will we attempt to mislead or deceive.

Of course we’re only human, and due to the subjective nature of our reviews and opinions we might accidentally leave out a detail or have a misprint.  So that is why we always  welcome questions, comments, and even a healthy amount of disbelief.  Please keep it coming!


Take care, and until next time keep on clicking!


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  1. Zeshan Anjum

    Thank you for doing these comparison videos, they are very helpful. We can see the difference clearly and make informed decisions. I’m sorry you had to do this extra video, you shouldn’t have to prove yourself. Shame on those who accused you. I look forward to the landscape comparisons!

    | |