The last thing we want is for SLR Lounge to be another technical camera review site. Instead, whenever we give our thoughts and review opinions regarding a specific product, we want those bits of information to be practical and based on real world testing as we find that often times technical software based reviews don’t translate to a “real world” difference.

So, when Canon loaned us the Canon EOS 1D Mark IV for review, we thought what better way than to take it out to all of our different shoots, and then let you guys know our experience and how it performed.

Now, before watching this video, let me preface this by saying that the 1D Mark IV is an amazing camera system. However, it does have its strengths and weaknesses which we will discuss in the video. In fact, the one point that was really hammered during our experience with the 1DM4 was that the most expensive tool often wasn’t necessarily the right one for the job.

To see our experience and thoughts regarding the 1D Mark IV camera system, watch the video below. Enjoy!

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