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29 Jan 2023




Used Nikon D700 drops below $1600 on B&H!

While the D600 is definitely an amazing camera that I’m sure many people are buying right now, if you read my D600 review then you know that for my particular line of work, I’ll be sticking with a D700. In fact I’ll be buying a second or third one, used, since they’re now discontinued…


Canon 5D Mark III Price Drops by $349

B&H announced a price drop on their Canon 5D Mark III Kit with 24-105mm f/4L IS Lens today.
What was once $4,098 is now $3,749. What does anyone do with the Canon 24-105mm? You can either use it as your every day walk around lens or sell it for $500 to $700 bucks and bring your true cost of the Mark III awesomeness down to the low $3K’s.