Have you ever run into a problem with your camera twisting on your tripod, monopod or other mounting surface? It is an inherit issue due to your camera only being connected to these devices with a single 1/4 20 screw. I have had issues with this myself in the past and until recently I thought it was just something I had to deal with from time to time.

That was until I came across this video put together by Caleb Pike over at dslrvideoshooter.com in which he reviews a small device that is called an Anti-Twist Plate. This particular ATR that he reviews is produced by Photography & Cinema, and is designed for use with Manfrotto 501PL plates and their compatible quick release systems.

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You see how the ATR works is it extra grip rubber and a second contact point to secure your camera to the 501PL plate without much of a change in the profile of the quick release plate. This is also great for filmmakers who run into this problem on your various shoulder rigs and stabilizers. Check out the video below for the full review, read more about it on Caleb’s blog.

The Video Review