Everyone has a starting point in photography and, as one begins that journey, it is helpful to come across information that makes the initiation into the craft easier. If you are on that journey, Maarten Heilbron, from heilbron.com, has provided such a resource. He has created a series of videos geared towards explaining the terms, technology, and techniques commonly discussed in the field of photography. If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to deep dive into the basics, here’s your chance.

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Mr. Heilbron has a calm and simple delivery, that makes each topic accessible and gives you the ability to instantly put the lessons learned into practice. He covers topics such as shooting modes, exposure, f-stop, sensor size and more.

Each video covers the various topics in around ten minutes, so you can easily fit your learning into your schedule and revisit them as needed. So, save this article for future reference.

Once you get the basics down, you may feel ready to tackle post-processing techniques. In many cases, capturing the exposure means you’re only half done.  If so, you can get a started with the Lightroom 101: Lightroom CC Crash Course or the Lightroom CC Collection Bundle (for Lightroom Classic).

You can find that and more at in the slrlounge.com  store.

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