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California Governor Jerry Brown Vetoes Drone Bill

By Hanssie on September 11th 2015

dji-phantom-2-vision-quadcopter-703-pA California bill that would have banned drones from flying over private property was shot down this week by Governor Jerry Brown. The bill, proposed by Democratic Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson of Santa Barbara, would’ve prohibited drone operators from flying drones lower than 350 feet above private property, deeming the area a “no-fly zone.”


Despite the bill passing through both the State Assembly and state Senate last month, Governor Jerry Brown sent bill SB-142 back without his signature, citing that though the proposed legislation is “well-intentioned,” passing the bill “could expose the occasional hobbyist and the FAA-approved commercial user alike to burdensome litigation and new causes of action.


Sen. Jackson responded on her Facebook page, “I am obviously disappointed that the Governor vetoed my drone privacy legislation, SB 142, but pleased the bill launched an important discussion on our privacy and private property rights and drones.

Not everyone is disappointed in the bill’s demise; the vice preseident of policy and legal affiars for DJI called it a “huge victory for drone innovation,” on his Twitter page.

What do you think? Should there be a law prohibiting drones from flying over private proprty without express permission? Comment below.

[Via Wired]

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  1. robert s

    only a matter of time till there will be some horrible accident with it and they will be banned. shame it got vetoed, I would have loved to shoot a drone down if it came into my property.

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  2. Dave Haynie

    Excellent! This almost foiled my evil plan to sell anti-drone technology to all those rich Hollywood types!

    Ok, well not really, though I do have at least two ideas that would work pretty effectively… neither legal, but probably pretty effective :-)

    | |
    • Dave Haynie

      Turns out one of these already exist, at least for 802.11 controlled drones… and it’s not trchnically illegal. Look up “Cyborg Unplug”. This basically kicks everyone off the network, so any serious drone losing connection would fly back to its failsafe location., worst-case.

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  3. Taylor Osborn

    Glad it got vetoed. As a drone pilot I wasn’t worried about the privacy issue, but pushing drones up to 350ft was what worried me from a safety perspective. That’s only a 50ft buffer from commercial aircraft at 400ft. That was just asking for something bad to happen. I think the FAA would’ve denied that Bill regardless because of the reason I stated. And…. Que Mr. Saville. haha.

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