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Cabbie Photographer Gives Us a Unique Look at New York

By Jules Ebe on August 13th 2013

From a degree in illustration from Rhode Island School of Design to the art director for Saks Fifth Avenue, to freelance designer – New York cabbie David Bradford is a prominent photographer that has created an impressive portrait of one of the world’s most beloved cities, all from the front seat of his cab.

Bradford has published two separate books of images and has graduated to short films created from his unique vantage point. The 15-second short films are raw in the very essence of the word. Shot on his cell phone, the “soundtrack” is whatever music happens to be on the radio and is published as-is, with no post-production manipulation.

So it would seem, this visual artist picked up cab driving to give more freedom to pursue his personal projects, only to find inspiration not much further than his rear-view mirror.

Meet the Cabbie and Photographer David Bradford:

New York Moment: Cabbie | Photographer David Bradford

Check out his books: Drive by Shootings : Photographs by a New York Taxi Driver and The New York Taxi Back Seat Book.

You can also see some of Bradford’s work on his website:

Who knows, maybe next time you are in the Big Apple you’ll end up in Bradford’s cab.

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Stay Inspired ~ Jules



is a Southern California based Conceptual Artist and Photographer. Her work has been featured in several print publications and selections can be seen in local gallery exhibitions. Connect with her on Facebook and Google+.


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  1. Christine

    Nice work..but it is dangerous enough driving in NYC without the drivers trying to take photos while driving.

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  2. Joe

    Geez, definitely love this. Great find Jules!

    – Joe Fotosiamo

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  3. Ahmad Amin

    This is why I always love to create conversation with my cab drivers. You never know what kind of amazing people you’ll meet.

    Great work!

    | |
  4. Carsten Schertzer


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