Sometimes you have to wonder about the marketing strategies used by major companies. Just the other day I was in Walmart when I was approached to sign up for their credit card. The incentive? Sign up and get 2 liters of Coke and a bag of cookies. I laughed at just how ridiculous of an offer it was… then I signed up… Free Coke and cookies, are you crazy!? I ain’t passing that up!

Today, it only gets better as I received another ridiculous cross promotion via email. Canon just sent out an email ad for their 24 hour May 7th sale on the Pixma MG4220 Printer. Not only do you get the printer for only $79.99, you also get a free $5 Dunkin’ Donuts card with your purchase!!! Wooo hooo, I mean some free paper for my new printer would be nice, but donuts!? YES MAM!

I understand the benefit of cross promotions. But seriously, donuts and printers? I mean thanks for the donuts Canon… but, really? Now if you told me that the printer can print a lifetime worth of $5 Dunkin Donut cards, that might be a different story. Until then, I would highly recommend running these promotional ideas past a few more people before giving them approval.

If you want the printer deal, or maybe you NEED that $5 worth of donuts here is the link to take advantage of the sale.