Recently, we had the opportunity to interview with Tyler Garns about how we started our photography studio. Tyler is an experienced sales person and marketer who is currently interviewing various photographers in order to discover exactly what business and specifically marketing practices, are pushing certain studios into the limelight, while others struggle and eventually die in the dark.

He is using this information to write a book designed to help photographers market their business called Over[Exposure]. While the book won’t be realesed until mid 2009, you can check out all of the informative interviews and articles that will be going into Over[Exposure] on his blog Think Big Art. You do need to register for the blog to view the articles, but registration is free, and might we say quite worthwhile.

So, head on over and check out Think Big Art and keep an eye out for Over[Exposure].

Article written by:
Pye Jirsa
Lead Photographer | Partner
Lin and Jirsa Wedding Photography