Portfolios are how photographers show off their work, and by extension how they get hired for jobs. Therefore it is important for any photographer hoping to get hired for jobs to have a well curated portfolio to show off. But what images should you pick? Should it be Physical or Digital? How big should it be? These are all great questions that many new photographers ask on a regular basis.


Fear not, for POP Photo recently released this great article on building a better photography portfolio. It has actually changed how I think about my portfolio, and how I use it. If you are having issues putting together your portfolio, or if you are having problems with you current one then I highly recommend that you head over to POP Photo and check it out.

My Thoughts on Portfolios

Digital vs Print, Print vs Digital – When it comes to portfolios I have to take the side of print on this one. There is just something that an Ipad portfolio can’t match when it comes to turning pages and feeling the quality of the prints  your are looking at. Don’t get me wrong, Digital portfolios are great, they definitely have a place in this world.. if I am just running around then my tablet portfolio is great. But if I am planning on showing my portfolio I would 9 times out of 10 want to have a physical hard copy portfolio – be that a printed book or some sort of album style.

What do you guys think? Digital or Print? or are both good for specific situations? Let us know in the comments below. 

[via POP Photo]