In this week’s instalment of “Tuesdays With Lauri” we take a behind-the-scenes look at my latest WW2 inspired cinematic photoseries, titled: The Wounded Soldier.

About the DVD

“The Wounded Soldier” is a new SLR Lounge Premium Tutorial teaching you how to create 3 creative conceptual photographs of a World War II soldier. The goal of this World War 2 inspired conceptual photography tutorial is to give you a deep understanding of what goes into the making of a creative photo-shoot like this. In the DVD I will be covering everything you could possibly think of:

We start out by going through the pre-production process: I teach you guys a technique for coming up with creative concepts, and once we have an idea, we take the concept deeper and move into the sketching-phase. We also talk about building teams, casting models, scouting for locations and looking for props and gear.

Once we’ve gone through the pre-production, I give you guys a behind the scenes look at the photo-shoot itself. You’ll see everything from packing up, to applying special effects makeup and shooting the different pre-planned shots. We then return back to the studio, and re-light the scenes in a controlled environment and breakdown all the different elements in my lighting setups. 

Then, once we’ve covered all the “technical” details, we move into the post-production -phase. I have included the RAW-files in this DVD, so that you can easily follow along, and test out the different techniques that I teach. We start out by doing some base adjustments in Lightroom 4 and then continue editing and fine-tuning the images in Photoshop CS6.

Final Images

IMG_0523-Edit 960px
IMG_0621-Edit 960px
IMG_0780-Edit 960px

All together this DVD contains over a 100 minutes of instructional footage:

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Pre-Production

– Brainstorming
– Sketching
– Casting models
– Location scouting
– Props, Equipment etc

Chapter 3: Behind The Scenes
Chapter 4: Lighting Breakdowns

4.1 Photo #1
4.2 Photo #2
4.3 Photo #3

Chapter 5: Editing Photo #1

5.1 Lightroom
5.2 Photoshop

Chapter 6: Editing Photo #2

6.1 Lightroom
6.2 Photoshop

Chapter 7: Editing Photo #3

7.1 Lightroom
7.2 Photoshop



Photography: Lauri Laukkanen Photography
HMUA and styling: Jasmiina Korhonen
Assistants & BTS-footage: Atte Tanner and Olli Keskinen
Model: Oscar Storbacka