Broncolor is home to some of the highest quality and most reliable equipment in today’s market and it is no wonder that the possibility of becoming a brand ambassador is an aspiration for many photographers. The coveted Gen NEXT contest gives up and coming photographers under the age of 30 a chance to do just that.

“Broncolor Gen NEXT is a project based on a selected group of young photographers which stand out due to their exceptional talent, skills and creative visions. They are active pioneers in what they do, they like to break new ground, push their industry forward and inspire others along the way. Gen NEXT stands for the gateway to the views of tomorrow, for the spearhead of photography.”

Now entering its fifth year, Gen NEXT has once again proven to entice young, talented and exceptional photographers from all over the world. Among thousands of entries, Broncolor has named five of the best entries to represent their brand. Meet the newest ambassadors.

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Kévin Pagès is a French photographer focusing on fashion, portrait and landscapes. His ability to combine fashion with surreal surroundings also named him the winner of Sony’s emerging photographer of the year for 2016-2017.

Sheridan’s Art is a fine art and conceptual portrait photographer located in Antwerp, Belgium. Her fine art portraits have been nominated for several accolades including the Fine Art Photography Awards in 2016 and 2017.

Marnus Meyer is a fashion, beauty and product photographer located in Cape Town, South Africa. His work has already landed him clients such as Colgate and Watch Republic.

Nils Wilbert is a product and still light photographer located in Berlin, Germany. He is fascinated by the story telling of an inanimate object through use of light and shadows.

Victoria Krundysheva is a conceptual fashion photographer as well as an art & creative director located in India. She creates art by calling attention to social issues and using visual metaphors to call attention to to them.

My project "Gravity" for @vogueindia Featuring: @gucci Creative Director/Photographer: @victoriakrundysheva Starring: @kayaancontractor Styled by: @thetyagiakshay MUA: @eshwarlog Hair by: @jrmellocastro Assisted by: @adityaries @thatnikongirl "Call back"- our inability to let go of a giant guard at our invisible prison in form of devices that keep us tied to them emotionally and physically. Did you know? We are making our own gravity. We get to decide whether to fly or to stick to the ground. Whether we are as light as a feather or as hard as a rock. Every day you choose what you hold onto- is it your fear holding you down, is it technology that pulls you back. Is it the forced ties of superficial or is it a free flight of pure thought? Elevated spirit that is not bound by expectations or conventions or heavy body grounded by invisible, pushed back down every time it tries to get up. Choose what you hold on to. Choose when to let go. You decide whether you are a rock or a feather. Every day when you open your eyes. You decide. #stunning_shots #visualsoflife #phenomenalshot #vogueindia #mobilemag #theportraitpr0ject #thefashionpr0ject #portraitpage #myphotoshop #way2ill #vscoindia  #photographyislifee #ig_asia #bevisuallyinspired #инстаграмнедели #dream_image #soi #sombrebeings #featuremeseas #_soi #launchdsigns #createcommune #visualambassadors #girlscreating #fashioneditorial #Ps_Storybook

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Each Gen NEXT ambassador will receive over $22,000 worth of Broncolor lighting equipment to bring their future visions to life. They will also receive valuable guidance throughout their two year tenure. You can keep up with their exciting journey via the Gen NEXT blog.