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Britains Worst Wedding Photographer Goes Bankrupt

By Pye Jirsa on April 20th 2012

I don’t exactly know what makes people want to attempt being a professional photographer on one of the biggest days of someone else’s life. But unfortunately, that is exactly what happened as “professional photographers” Ian McCloskey and Nikki Carter took 750 pounds to shoot Anneka Geary’s wedding.

Now, granted 750 pounds which equates to $1200 USD (at the moment) isn’t exactly a large sum to pay for you wedding photography and I am a firm believer in you pay for what you get. But, I think $1200 should still provide better images than Ian and Nikki managed to get.

Unfortunately, in an industry where there is no real regulatory system (photography) this is a reoccurring issue we see more and more often. In the article, Ian and Nikki disclose that they were unahppy with the photos themselves and they are now bankrupt from a string of several disgruntled clients.

For me, I definitely feel that all parties in this arrangement are to blame. The client, for not doing more research on the clients past work and allotting a more reasonable budget for photography; and the photographer for holding themselves out as professionals when in reality they can’t even get the basics right.

See the original article along with additional pictures on here.






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  2. Ed Rhodes


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  3. Darren Lean

    I wonder if got the rights to reprint his copyrighted photographs though……. no matter how bad he is the copyright law still stands…….

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  4. Anthony Riordan

    I hated the fact that the guy kept going on about paying them back. It’s not the money that’s the issue, it’s the fact that every time they look back at their wedding day they’ll think of this idiot and his wife ruining their photos. 

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  5. Tobias Solem

    Looks like they shot those photos using a cellphone tbh. :S

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    • Muhammad Waqas

      If a professional photographer would take photos even with his cellphone, that speaks it-self, coz its not the camera, its eye behind the camera that matters.

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    • Muhammad Waqas

      If a professional photographer would take photos even with his cellphone, that speaks it-self, coz its not the camera, its eye behind the camera that matters.

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  6. Anonymous

    Go to the main article to see more horror shots.  What is even more incredible than that worse-than-an-average-snapshotter-could-do pictures that they took is the fact that they then chose to give them to the clients!  They are so bad I want to say this is a hoax.  Unfortunately, I don’t think it is.

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  7. Ben Chronister

    A crying shame. And to think I’VE been told my fee was “outside our budget.” I can’t believe people gamble like this with their special day! 

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  8. West Cobb Photographer

    A coworker of mine hired a “professional” photographer for her daughter’s wedding here in Atlanta for $500.00 U.S. (hmmmmm, ok).  Granted, it was “cheap” and they got a disk with the photos on them instead of having to go to the photographer for the prints. STILL…. I had to take that disk and fix about a dozen of the photos so they’d at least have a decent basic set of shots.

    Couples that were cropped too closely to make normal print sizes without cutting them out….. “fake” DOF effects that were blotchy and missing in spots of a shot…. nearly all shots leaning by 2-5 degrees to one side.  ARGH – I almost died just looking at the things, and I do not do this for a living. Thankfully, I saved a few for them, but it’s funny how this “photographer” has an incredibly nice looking web site, yet, can’t even get the basics down of taking shots.  Maybe they should go into web design instead?  hmmmm

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  9. Paul Harper

    It’s obvious what the problem is here, These Wedding Photogs didn’t subscribe to SLR Lounge ;)

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  10. Jefpare

    Wow! This is beyond bad, technically and artistically! Lets face it, the photographers flood gate is wide open and it is turning in a snake oil business. Great for scams and frauds, not so much for talent.

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  11. Gary Norbraten

    This is shameful.

    I’m a professional photographer that charges $1400 per wedding and I take it very seriously. 
    If I didn’t have the ability to take great photos and capture moments I wouldn’t be in this line of work.
    My goal is to please my clients and this person’s goal was to turn a quick buck.

    Again, shameful.

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    • Victor Zeitzeiv

      no Gary, what is shameful is the fact that you’re a racist, child-molesting, wife-swapping sociopath trying to act all righteous about someone else’s life.

      Feel free to visit and look for the username “olimario” for what a vile human being Gary Norbraten is.

      truly shameful and disgusting.

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  12. Rd

    it was only $1200…

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    • Anonymous

      What’s your point Rd?

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    • Gary Norbraten

      What IS your point?  I charge roughly that much for a full wedding and I take the work seriously and provide high quality photography.

      Photographers are notoriously overpriced.

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  13. Erwan Lol

    Oh my god!! Did the photog shoot with a point and shoot? The resolution is a joke!

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    • Tera R. Brockway

      Obviously they know nothing about shooting in raw!  Looks like they shot it in normal jpeg, not even fine.  

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    • E Guest

      Wether this photog shoots in raw seems a little irrelevant here don’t you think?

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    • Darren Lean

      How can you tell that? You have to produce a jpg from a raw anyway and the web size shown here could have come from any size file?

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