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Brilliant IKEA Commercial: Playin’ With My Friends

By fotosiamo on October 26th 2012

It is very refreshing to see such a creative advertisement like this one for IKEA UK. Advertising agency Mother London, Moving Picture Company, and director Dougal Wilson, kick off the new IKEA ‘Entertaining’ campaign with the television spot and extended music video, Playing with my Friends, which follows a young girl and her friends as they set up for a dinner party.

Here is the full music video, with music by Masters In France. All the life-size toy characters were performed by real people.

Even though it seems like it was all done in one take, there were several clever cuts that were made, as explained by Wilson:

Although the ads look like one take, they obviously have lots of hidden cuts, which were expertly sewn together by Tom Harding and his superb team. Somehow Moving Picture Company managed to warp time and space and make the images work. Each time length isn’t a cut down, so they all had to be treated as separate films. When we discovered that the robot couldn’t walk faster than 0.25mph in his robot-feet, and came up with the genius solution of taking his feet off, MPC made us some brilliant 3D feet instead, which they tracked beautifully over the robot’s trainers. They also gave the robot magnetic, telekinetic and laser-vision powers, got rid of lots of velcro, put a monkey-face on a somersaulting acrobat and made the dinosaur breathe fire.

And here is an interesting take on the regular BTS video. Rather than just having a straight-forward behind the scenes, IKEA starts off with Darren the Bear’s back story on how he started to work at IKEA and landed the role of being in the commercial. It’s a pretty cool, different take. Of course, if you just want to see the on-the-set filming, you can skip ahead to the 1:09 mark.

Finally, here is the actual television spot for the United Kingdom market.

Thanks to No Films School for the link!


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  1. Ed Rhodes

    haha, that’s cool

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  2. Elliott Negron Jr

    I really got a kick out of that video and bts.. Great concept and great commercial..

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