The history of photography is seemingly well aged and matured, but compared to other forms of art, it is still in its infancy. If you are not a fine arts major, you may have learned about the early forms of photography through small tidbits here and there. When we feature photographers who still practice the old ways, it almost seems like a history lesson explaining the processes each time. George Eastman House has created a short series explaining each significant advancement in photography in bite-sized 3-6 minute clips.

[REWIND: Through the Ground Glass: A Short Film About The Trials of Large Format Photography]

 Before Photography

George Eastman House explains the process of how photography came to be; from the first silhouettes and the Daguerreotype of the 1820s all the way up to the digital camera of today and how they process light. The 12-part Photographic Process Series is a wealth of information shown through example pieces, demonstrations and interviews with historians and curators.

The Cyanotype

It is a truly an awesome experience for professionals and hobbyists alike. Warning: this series might make you want to create something amazing and even want to try the process for yourself. Personally, I would love to make a cyanotype, if I had room for a darkroom. You can check out the full series on the George Eastman House YouTube page.

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