GaballOberg-1814I love being a wedding photographer. Whether it is the hustle and bustle and flurry of activity, the abundance of excitement, love, stress and creativity or just the fact that two people found each other and are proclaiming their love to the world, photographing weddings is an honor for me.

In the 6 years I’ve been a wedding photographer, I’ve worked with some amazing brides who are now friends. I love getting their Christmas cards, seeing their families expand with babies and having my photos still pop up on anniversaries and #tbt pictures (throwback Thursday). Being a wedding photographer isn’t all sunshine and roses though, and you are not going to click with every single client.

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What Brides Want…Communication

BrideBoxPro asked 50 brides who got married this year to reveal what they think their photographers could have done better. You can see the whole list here. Reading through the list, the most common theme was COMMUNICATION. Brides in some way, shape, or form wanted more communication from their photographers and in many cases, communication would’ve alleviated many of the issues that were listed. For me and my business, communication between me and my client is of utmost importance.

Remember, you are the professional and you’ve shot numerous weddings. This is probably your bride’s first wedding and she doesn’t know what to expect. Educate her and guide her through the process that you know so very well.

Two things I do to help me better communicate with my clients:


A Pre-Wedding Questionnaire

One thing I do for my wedding business is send a detailed questionnaire to the couple when they sign the contract. I ask them to send the completed copy to me at the engagement session (something I offer in all of my packages). The questionnaire talks about everything from family drama I should be aware of to words that describe how they want their wedding day to be/feel.

Another common answer on the survey was how brides wanted more pictures of certain guests or family members – the questionnaire includes an area where they can specify these types of requests.


An Engagement Session

As mentioned above, I take every client out on an engagement session. By meeting beforehand and shooting, we get to know each other better, they get to see and experience my shooting style and I get to see how they interact as a couple. Many of the brides said on the survey that they wanted more direction and more posing guidance. If you have an engagement session, you automatically have a low pressure situation where she and her fiancé can practice with you, and see you in action.


Among some of the other answers the brides gave were wanting more communication after the wedding day, disappointment in the wedding album or more creativity. Take a look at the list and see what you could do to make your brides happier with their experience with you and your photography so that she will rave about you to all of her friends!

If you’re new to the wedding photography industry, check out Fstoppers’ How to Become a Commercial Wedding Photographer DVD.

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