Breakbounce, a street wear company based in Bangalore India, recently commissioned editorial, advertising and portraiture photographer Martin Prihoda for a creative fashion shoot. The theme was ‘Urban Explorers.’

Working with creative director, Arun Kumar, the two discussed concepts and worked on how to pull off a shoot like this. “Logistically it would tricky; balancing strobe with sunlight, heavy art direction and compositing layers of plate images for the background.”

Arun sketched out the following two images:

martin-prihoda-1 martin-prihoda-2Much behind the scenes prep work was needed before the shoot even began. They brought the grass in and painted the car, the set for the garage and signs needed to be created. Numerous plates needed to be made to create the background composite. Martin explains:

It’s important to match the height of camera, focal length and focal distance so that the plates can match with the main image seamlessly without a lot of warping. I also shot a wide assortment of trees, traffic signals, cars, dockyards etc… for the post team to have an abundance of plates to work with.


martin-prihoda-3 martin-prihoda-4Gear Used:

Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L II
Profoto power pack
Beauty dish on stand
Assortment of skimmers and flags
The sun which gave a nice rim light

The Post Process

Martin worked with Featherwax, a post production company based in the UK who produced the final images incorporating the compositing – retouching and color grading for the two photos. The photo below is a RAW image, unretouched, with the x’s showing the areas that needed compositing.


The Final Two Images:


You can see more of Martin Prihoda’s work on his website and his blog. Martin is also a newbiw on Instagram where he plans to post his work and many bts images from his shoots, so be sure to join him there:

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